Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello everybody! 
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK MOM! I can't believe you're already turning 29. Time flies when you're having fun and staying young :)
Wow ... this has certainly been a week to remember. Memorable events include...
1. CHRISTMAS happened which was the best thing ever :) We ate so much food and opened presents and had a gift exchange with all the missionaries in my district. Elder Thayne got me a mini foosball table which is the best thing ever. 
2. I got to skype my favorite people IN THE WORLD. Every one of my VERY favorite people was accounted for so that was grand :) It made me so happy to see and hear their faces.
3. I GOT HUGGED BY PRESIDENT BELL. We were at the mission home on Christmas day and he walked over and threw his arm around me and pulled me all close and was like " .... " well I actually don't know what he said because I was so distracted by the fact that he had his arm around me. So then he awkwardly let go and stepped back and was like, "I just put my arm around you .... well, you're the only sister in the mission who can say that." It was a wonderful Christmas present :) 
4. We went to Michelle's funeral. It was very sad - but it was good to see her family. We'll miss her and her sassy self!
5. JEAN GOT BAPTIZED! People. This lady is the best ever :) The baptism was wonderful and the spirit was so strong. She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. Two elders had to go in the font with her to make sure she could get back up, and I had to take off my tights and shoes so that I could step into the water and hold her oxygen, but in the end, it was the most beautiful day. She was so incredibly happy, and said she felt great. Not to mention pretty much her whole family came :)
Anyway ... I love you guys! Hope your week is wonderful and you have a wonderful New Year filled with New Year's resolutions you'll actually keep! 
Love always,
Sister Gomez

1. Skyping Nomers
2. Skyping the cute Gomezes :) 
3. On our way to service wearing the cute headband Aida sent :) 

4. Our beautiful Christmas sunset
5. Brrrr Kansas wind :) Waiting outside her house while Jean had her interview

6. Joseph and Mary - our Christmas skit with the elders 
7. Jean, Sister Engebretsen and I!

8. Our awkward photo - Sister Engebretsen and I had to stand on either side of Jean to help her stand, so the elders had to be on either side. 
9. Jean's happy baptism cake :D

Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi guys :)
First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Second of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!!!
So this past week the subject of joy and rejoicing and gratitude has been in my heart. Fittingly, it's been one of the HAPPIEST weeks of my whole mission, but also one of the saddest. 
I experienced a lot of tender mercies this week, so I'll start with those. 
1. Brittany, my dear friend from Provo who is also from Newton, Kansas, came home for the holidays and came for a team up with us! It was wonderful, and she is a FANTASTIC missionary :) 
2. A cute little girl in our ward, Maddie, told us at dinner one day, "There's a girl who got in trouble for being mean to all the other kids, so no one plays with her anymore. She was sad, so I went over and told her that I would still be her friend, but that she had to be nice. And then her gave me a hug." which was just really cute. Forgiveness, people. 
3. JEAN!! Jean had some fears about her baptism and wanted to push it back. We testified about the devil trying to dissuade her, but she was pretty firm. The next day we came by to drop off a Christmas present and she was like, "Girls, I have to tell you something. I know I need to get baptized on the twenty seventh. I was just afraid." and so Sister Engebretsen will have a baptism three days before she goes home :) Jean is the best. She is really excited - she ordered herself a cake for her baptism. It says, "Happy Baptism Jean." :) :) :) 
And she had to come to church this past Sunday to be able to be baptized on the twenty seventh, but she called us in the morning and was very shaky and sick. She is also pretty immobile and on oxygen and things, so she had us rush over to her house, help her get dressed, she got someone to pull her car up to the door, and she CAME TO CHURCH. That is dedication. 
So it has been a wonderful week, but on Friday we found out that our investigator Michelle was unconscious in the hospital. Her sister Deloris told us - we were nervous, but it didn't seem too serious. But then I asked what had happened and Deloris said, "She had a blood clot to the heart." 
I felt so sick - and all of my memories from August 22 came rushing back. She passed away yesterday morning - if you can't remember who Michelle is, this is the first I wrote about her way back when - Michelle is this GORGEOUS black woman who, sadly, has gone mostly blind. We taught her and every time we do she weeps a little. She's baffled that people would be so willing to help her, but we've come out and done service for her and we're also teaching her and she is on date for the twenty ninth of this month. Plus she's a sass to the core, so she and I get along real well. 
Anyway, we've been struggling a lot. We are teaching her other family members, and we're so worried about them, and we miss her and there have been a lot of tears, but it's interesting that the subject on my mind has been REJOICING. 
I am so grateful for Christ. I am so grateful for my Savior and for His infinite atonement. I am so, so incredibly and eternally grateful that he died for us and that HE LIVES and that no goodbye is permanent. I was so touched by an email my mom sent out called, "The kind of miss I love."  2014 has seen so much loss, but there has been so much joy in Christ! I hope that this week you all feel the spirit of this wonderful season as much as we have here. 
I love and miss you all!
-Sister Gomez

1. Me and Timmy, the cutest kid ever. 
2. I got to see Sister Westwood at a mission Christmas party :D
3. Michelle's beautiful grand baby we got to meet.
4. Our Christmas card wall - thank you everyone who has been kind enough to think of us! :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Right next door!

Hello everybody! 
Well this past week was a bit of a toughie, but that's just fine because of repentance and the atonement which makes it possible for this next week to be wonderful :D
First of all, thanks to Laura especially for sending all of the Christmas letters from cousins, and also to those who've send Christmas cards and packages! We have all of our Christmas cards decorating our door which makes things very cheerful. 
Second of all, and so importantly, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS WEEK CAMILLA AND JACOB!!! :D I cannot believe it's been seven years. Seven years!
So this last week, my very favorite miracle was when we were looking down our ward list and stopping by people's houses who we haven't seen in awhile to see if they've moved or been abducted by aliens and what not. So we stopped by this one woman, Tabitha's house, and she just gaped at us while we stood on her porch. She was like, "It's been a really long time ... like seven years. I'm just so shocked because I've been thinking about the church lately and how I need to go back, and here you are." then we told her that we didn't think that was a coincidence, and she agreed. Not a coincidence at all.
And THEN, randomly we walked outside and another member who we lost track of because she moved was standing outside her door AT THE LOT RIGHT NEXT DOOR. She was taking a smoke break, so she looked a little scared of us for a moment. Not sure if she thought we'd run over and smack it out of her hands or something. We didn't do that. We walked over and had a wonderful discussion instead :) 
Also, our investigator Jean who we reclaimed is doing fantastically well :) She bought us Christmas presents and is still working towards December 27th to be baptized. She is the best. 
We also had a ward Christmas party, and not gonna lie, my heart hurt, but in a happy way. I just felt so at home and kept looking around for Bishop dad and the Hardy's and Robbins and Mays and Vancomens and Coxes and Tarpleys and Winters and Pearsons and such folks. Hutchinson ward is fantastic, luckily, and it was such a delight :)
Anyway, I love you guys so very much! I hope you get a chance to watch "He is the gift" this season and I hope you let the hope and sweet, sweet joy of Christ's birth, life and atonement put a real big smile on your face. Merry continued Christmas season!
-Sister Gomez


1. The Christmas card we gave Elder Potter and Thayne. Because I think I'm hilarious. 
2. Me and the sword of Gryffindor letter opener
3. Me and the cutest kid since sliced bread named Timmy
4. Our zone
5. Elder Capener and I's two month photo (hence the two book of mormons.) The caption of this photo is "It's not easy being green"
6. Us and the children

Monday, December 8, 2014

Will miracles cease?

Hidee hey and hello!
So first of all, some weekly highlights (because this week ... this week was bomb.)
1. My mom is the best missionary mom since ever. And my siblings are the grandest. THANK you for sending me some marvelous Christmas cheer :) p.s. mom don't cut this out just because you're wonderful and humble. 
2. We reclaimed two people who had dropped us. One of them we just stopped by and asked if she was feeling ok and she said she was willing to try again. The other, lovely Jean, had texted us and was like, "Don't reply, don't stop by anymore, etc. etc." but THEN there was an ambulance at her house and we know she has oodles of health problems so I was real stressed about her. So later, even though she'd asked us not to, I sent a text and just asked if she was ok and if we could do anything. WELL SHE IMMEDIATELY SET UP ANOTHER APPOINTMENT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GOSPEL. She apologized for being rude and asked if she could still be baptized. And that sure does not happen every day haha. 
3. We got FIVE investigators to go to mutual. The nonmembers outnumbered the members! It was wonderful! We wrapped Christmas gifts and ate pizza.
4. We got THREE investigators to church - both of our people on date for this month came ... woooohooooo!!! I was peeing my pants with joy. (But then I rapidly stopped because that is incredibly undignified).
Q: Will miracles ever cease?
A: No, they sure will not. 
I think that's about it for the highlight. Low of the week? Well that's easy. We were asked to give a training and now we have to give a training at zone conference on how to put people on date. Eeeek. 
Other than that it's been grand. The Christmas devotional was top notch, as always. Henry B. Eyring just kills me, he is the best. Also, did everyone see the "He is the gift" youtube takeover??? What a wonderful video! Share it! Share the gift! 
Okie dokie folks, I love you lots and lots. Hope your hearts are full of Christmas cheer and sweets from awesome neighbors. 
-Sister Gomez


1. Our matching Christmas sweaters
2. Me kissing Ted, the teensie puppy. 
3. Ted, the teensie puppy kissing me.
4. Me and cute Brooks and Alexia. Them and their mom are moving to Utah!!
5. Our tree from you guys :) We love it!!!
6. I am. The Grinch.
7. Saying goodbye to Vanessa and the kids
8. Our beautiful tree with my pretty presents :) 

Monday, December 1, 2014

and the gospel the most...

Hi everybody! 
This week was perty crazy. I LOVED Thanksgiving. We spent the morning serving food at a community event and then we ate lunch with this family the Bensons, then second lunch with this other family of AMAZING cooks the Richmonds, and then we went to dinner at the Bensons again. Luckily, we got an investigator and her friend to come to the Bensons for dinner, so we got to talk to her :) So that was awesome. 
It's been an interesting week to say the least. After the holiday and transfers things were just crazy, and we lost a lot of proselyting time. We also had a whole bunch of people out of town, but we're getting back into the groove of things and contacting our people once again. 
Low moments of the week (because man, let's just get those outta the way right now) were when 
1. Jean, one of the investigators I've told you about in the past, sent us a text before we came over that was like, "I don't want to learn about your church anymore, please don't come over, don't reply it's unnecessary." Which is a huge bummer because she's just the best. then 
2. Stella, this new investigator who was like, "Yes I'll get baptized, yes I'll come to church tomorrow with my three granddaughters, yes I've heard of your church and was already interested," called us and was like, "I'm just calling to tell you that I have no interest in coming to your church, bye!"
There were some other disheartening moments, but we haven't lost hope :D We have a lot of goals for December and it feels like the air in Kansas is sparking with energy and hope. December is going to be a fantastic month! 
Everything else this past week has kind of been a blur, and I didn't make my usual, tidy list of "things I want to write home about" (because of how crazy it's all been) so ... I think that might be it ....?
OH It was fantastic this week to meet the Newmans! I was very sad that we couldn't go out to lunch with them or anything, but I loved to see them. I'm sure I'll see them again :) We'll actually be in Valley Center today for pday! 
So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? The weather here got randomly warm for this last week, but the cold front's back and I'll probably get a second pair of boots.
Transfers happened! Sadly, Elder Hoak left, but GUESS WHO CAME INTO TOWN???
The number of jokes that run through my head - and he even told me to voice them because he actually likes Potter jokes. 
Like, for instance, when he first came, "We got Potter! We got Potter!" and when he not so gracefully tripped? "Training for the ballet, Potter?" 
It's so great.
Ok ... I think that's all. The work is grand and great and moving forward and I love Kansas a lot, I love you guys more, and the gospel the most :) 
Til next week,
Sister Gomez

1. Me looking at Utah
2. Thanksgiving selfie. Because what else were we gonna do?
3. Thanksgiving selfie two with my favorite, Darby
4. Stylish Thanksgiving service 
5. Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls
6. Vanessa and Alexia
7. Bishop's family! 
8. Us and the Kristen
9. Us and Taylor and her friend
10. Me and Apollo the snake!!!! (Mom this is for you :))
11. Apollo doubling as a scarf

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello everybody! 
How's it going in Utah? Or anywhere else you might be reading this from .... 
So to start off, the craziest story of the week was when one of our members Tonia, got stuck in Newton (shout out to Brittany!) and called us. We were with our relief society president, so she got another sister, Sister Olsen, to go get Tonia. Well on the way, cute Sister Olsen got in a car accident. It was like 9pm and she was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital when she called our relief society president and kept apologizing for "letting us down." What a lady. 
Anyway, the situation got figured out and Sister Olsen got a blessing from our admirable zone leaders in Newton and she's doing well now. 
For the first time since I've been here, we hit standard in every area - basically mission wide goals for each week. Which is kinda strange, considering how many things fell through. Especially Saturday. Our investigator, Taylor, was supposed to meet with us but had to go to the hospital. She is ok but it was very scary. We had all our appointments cancel, and as a back up we were going to fill out a mission incident report because our front bumper is about to fall off (and was that way before we came) but even the website to the report was down. However, a bunch of people we didn't plan on contacted us and we still saw miracles, but for the first time yet, I really was like ..."Well .... we could twiddle our thumbs." We knocked a bunch of doors of people very not interested in the church, I got my first door literally slammed in my face, and we bought a rake! We also laughed a whooole bunch. 
We had a wonderful, edifying conference in Wichita and I got to see my beautiful, wonderful MTC companion again for the first time which was fantastic. 
Now for weekly highlights...
Taylor - Taylor has had just about the roughest childhood you could imagine, but she just radiates light. She is so funny and warm and really has never had people there that love her. She's sixteen and lives with her grandma and she got a church tour and cried and cried and accepted a baptismal date right there. WHAT? She is an incredible person. 
Kristen is the daughter of one of the recent converts here and on her birthday SHE CAME TO CHURCH! That's one person at church twice in a row which is huuuuge. Hopefully the ward members can really do a good job about loving people. 
Let me just step up onto my little soap box here - LOVE PEOPLE. Make sure they know you love them. There are a lot of lonely people in the world!
Ok, that's pretty much all the noteworthiness. I love you all so much! I feel like I must be forgetting something .... 
Ah well :) Until next time!
-Sister Gomez

Oh, I forgot to tell everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!! Silly me. 

1. Our grand old district 
2. On the way to the conference thingy ding
3. Two of my favorite ward member girlies, Maddie and Maggie. (I know, right?)
4. Seeing Sister Westwood again! So happy :) 
5-7. I did Sister Engebretsen's hair - these are mostly for cute Naomi's benefit, but I french braided it back, then looped it under a bun. This was after a whole day of running around, so tell her to imagine the bun was neater and flatter against her head. Annnyway :)

Monday, November 17, 2014


Heeyllo everybody! 
How are you doing? I really feel awkward every time I go to start these emails because I never know how to begin them. But I hope things are going well! 
Happy birthday to sweet Eli this week! I hope it's positively wonderful!
First of all, we had our first snow fall! Unfortunately I don't have winter boots, so that's been an adventure to say the least, but I'll get some today! Kansas, weirdly, hates snow. It's like they don't even know what to do with themselves even though they get snow every year. We had like an inch and everyone was like, "Do you think church will be cancelled?" I was like ... "WHY in heavens name would we cancel church for an inch of snow?" Luckily it wasn't because
OUR INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH!! I never appreciated Dallin and Tali enough when they would write home and say that, but that was definitely the highlight of the week. Michelle came and it was marvelous. She is such a beautiful person - she was commenting and making friends with people. Good stuff. 
Also, the other day, Sister Engebretsen and I were pulled over talking on the phone to our zone leaders about stake reports or something equally as exciting, and suddenly THREE COP CARS pulled up behind us. Apparently we looked suspicious and someone reported us. So the cops had to scan our licenses, but I tell you what, they were pretty amused when they saw that we were two young women with wide eyes telling them we went around and talked to people and Jesus Christ. Apparently that's not very threatening :) 
We had a lot of fantastic progress this week. One new investigator, Jean, is on date and she is golden. She has an incredible singing voice and a wonderful light about her. When we asked if she would be baptized, she said she wanted to be prepared but, "When can we get started?" and I was like ... thiiis doesn't happen. So that was awesome. 
We felt like we'd been hitting a wall the past few weeks - like we were teaching lots and getting nowhere with anyone. This past week was opposite. We had fewer lessons than usual, but they were much more effective and productive, and things are finally starting to roll forward with gusto. 
I truly love Kansas! I could do without the wind ...... I really could do without that :) but otherwise, I'm loving this work and this state and ESPECIALLY these fantastic people. 
I love you all very much! Email me! Do it! 
Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Gomez

1. Our "we hate weekly planning" faces
2. Area above my desk. Thought you might like it :) 
3. Kansas is already in the spirit of things! 
4. FIRST SNOWFALL. 6:30 in the morning we rolled outta bed and had a snow party!
5. More snow happiness
6. Our backyard
7. Young single adults that come on team ups with us and were at dinner the other day
8. Morgan, the one who I think sent you a picture mom?? 
9. Cooking dinner with the Bishop's daughter :)
10. Leaf raking! 
11. Pretty Kansas sunset