Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, October 27, 2014

Siera in word AND PICTURE!!!

Hey everyone! 
First of all, before I forget, my focus scripture for the week was Alma 37:34-35.  34 Teach them to never be weary of goodworks, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls.35 O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom inthy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.
Ok so this week has been wonderful! Like all other weeks really ... 
So much happens. The overarching theme is that Hutch members are AWESOME. We have so much help from the ward and it makes all the difference. I am seriously so spoiled here. My apartment is great, the ward is great, my trainer is WONDERFUL my district elders are so fantastic. Oh ... my district leader sent that email out to you mom and to a few other people. I was turned away talking to Sister Engebretsen my lovely companion. He's a goof. 
Anyway, I went on my first exchanges this week! I went with the Sister training leaders and that was really good. Much better than I thought it would be. She was sweet and incredibly complimentary. I rode a bike for three hours and couldn't hardly sit at all the next day, but it was all worth it. Biking is actually perty fun. 
We got to do some service, loading grass and things for this wonderful family. Sadly I met them on the exchange, so I'll probably never see them again, but it was my favorite part of the day. 
Did you folks get my poem? I hope so. I poured my soul into it. 
Also, I'm not going to lie, sometimes things remind me of Gilmore girls and Harry Potter and Mulan and all these things. One family in particular, the Bensons, reminds me so much of us Gomi. It's wonderful. 
I really do love it here in Kansas. It has my heart. I laugh so much and I just feel so much love for these people and this place. The field (s and fields and fields) are white already to harvest here! Sometimes I find myself thinking of the day I have to leave and I get really sad. I miss you all though ... Christmas is coming up! 
Oh and a little more about my companion! (I am so sorry I'm all over the place. Next week, I swear, I'll make an outline or something so I can organize my thoughts). Sister Hannah Marie Engebretsen is her name. She has been out sixteen months, so this transfer is her last. She is from Sacramento California and she is super hilarious and outgoing and she worries a lot but in a good way. She is wonderful and really cares about making sure I have a good experience and learn the things I need to. 
Ok I feel like I'm leaving a bunch out, but for now that's all. I love you so much! 
I figured out pictures as well, but there are a whole bunch so I'm going to make it difficult and send it separately. 
I love you all! 
-Sister Siera Gomez 

1. I found Lyssa Brown!
2. And Vivian Gardner!
3. Cliched map photo
4. First comp - the beautiful, wonderful Sister Westwood and I
5. Best district ever! Temple day - the furthest elder on the right is the one that's just like Jake
6. More temple goodness
7. FAMILY!!!
8. Also saw Taylor Johansen. Best. Ever. Tell Sadie!

9. Annnd I saw Brandon! He is so great. 
10. The WONDERFUL Sister Oliphant, one of our fantastic teachers. 
11. I also saw Nicole Donahoo :) 
12. While trying to get back to the MTC when our flight was cancelled, us four got left behind and had to take the train after the rest of our group. What an adventure. The super blond one closest to me is now in my district! He's the one who reminds me of Carlos. 
13. The whole lot of us stranded at the SLC train station for an hour. Planes should never be cancelled. 
13 a and b. Pictures Pres and Sister Bell mailed me -  when this group first got to Kansas!
14. In Kansas! Me and the delightful Sister Engebretsen! I love her. 
15. Two of the Bensons. They're the best. 
16. Cute kid, Lincoln, who looks like Wes. It may not seem that much like it from this photo, but he did. His mom took us to lunch on exchanges :)
17. Sister Engebretsen and the CRAZY spider we found. Shudder. 
18. Me and the CRAZY spider we found. 
19. Cute Alexia and I - you might recognize her. She used to live with the Cunninghams! So ... crazy! She's with her mom again now, and they just happen to be in Kansas. 
20. Both of us with cute Alexia
21. Sister Benson who reminds me of mom :) 
Ok sorry for the photo overload! Glad I finally got a card reader. Everything will be a bit easier now. Tell me if there are specific things you want photos of. I love you!

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  1. Siera, there is no such thing as photo overload. You look so happy! Love your weekly report.