Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello everybody! 
How's it going in Utah? Or anywhere else you might be reading this from .... 
So to start off, the craziest story of the week was when one of our members Tonia, got stuck in Newton (shout out to Brittany!) and called us. We were with our relief society president, so she got another sister, Sister Olsen, to go get Tonia. Well on the way, cute Sister Olsen got in a car accident. It was like 9pm and she was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital when she called our relief society president and kept apologizing for "letting us down." What a lady. 
Anyway, the situation got figured out and Sister Olsen got a blessing from our admirable zone leaders in Newton and she's doing well now. 
For the first time since I've been here, we hit standard in every area - basically mission wide goals for each week. Which is kinda strange, considering how many things fell through. Especially Saturday. Our investigator, Taylor, was supposed to meet with us but had to go to the hospital. She is ok but it was very scary. We had all our appointments cancel, and as a back up we were going to fill out a mission incident report because our front bumper is about to fall off (and was that way before we came) but even the website to the report was down. However, a bunch of people we didn't plan on contacted us and we still saw miracles, but for the first time yet, I really was like ..."Well .... we could twiddle our thumbs." We knocked a bunch of doors of people very not interested in the church, I got my first door literally slammed in my face, and we bought a rake! We also laughed a whooole bunch. 
We had a wonderful, edifying conference in Wichita and I got to see my beautiful, wonderful MTC companion again for the first time which was fantastic. 
Now for weekly highlights...
Taylor - Taylor has had just about the roughest childhood you could imagine, but she just radiates light. She is so funny and warm and really has never had people there that love her. She's sixteen and lives with her grandma and she got a church tour and cried and cried and accepted a baptismal date right there. WHAT? She is an incredible person. 
Kristen is the daughter of one of the recent converts here and on her birthday SHE CAME TO CHURCH! That's one person at church twice in a row which is huuuuge. Hopefully the ward members can really do a good job about loving people. 
Let me just step up onto my little soap box here - LOVE PEOPLE. Make sure they know you love them. There are a lot of lonely people in the world!
Ok, that's pretty much all the noteworthiness. I love you all so much! I feel like I must be forgetting something .... 
Ah well :) Until next time!
-Sister Gomez

Oh, I forgot to tell everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!! Silly me. 

1. Our grand old district 
2. On the way to the conference thingy ding
3. Two of my favorite ward member girlies, Maddie and Maggie. (I know, right?)
4. Seeing Sister Westwood again! So happy :) 
5-7. I did Sister Engebretsen's hair - these are mostly for cute Naomi's benefit, but I french braided it back, then looped it under a bun. This was after a whole day of running around, so tell her to imagine the bun was neater and flatter against her head. Annnyway :)

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