Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 17, 2014


Heeyllo everybody! 
How are you doing? I really feel awkward every time I go to start these emails because I never know how to begin them. But I hope things are going well! 
Happy birthday to sweet Eli this week! I hope it's positively wonderful!
First of all, we had our first snow fall! Unfortunately I don't have winter boots, so that's been an adventure to say the least, but I'll get some today! Kansas, weirdly, hates snow. It's like they don't even know what to do with themselves even though they get snow every year. We had like an inch and everyone was like, "Do you think church will be cancelled?" I was like ... "WHY in heavens name would we cancel church for an inch of snow?" Luckily it wasn't because
OUR INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH!! I never appreciated Dallin and Tali enough when they would write home and say that, but that was definitely the highlight of the week. Michelle came and it was marvelous. She is such a beautiful person - she was commenting and making friends with people. Good stuff. 
Also, the other day, Sister Engebretsen and I were pulled over talking on the phone to our zone leaders about stake reports or something equally as exciting, and suddenly THREE COP CARS pulled up behind us. Apparently we looked suspicious and someone reported us. So the cops had to scan our licenses, but I tell you what, they were pretty amused when they saw that we were two young women with wide eyes telling them we went around and talked to people and Jesus Christ. Apparently that's not very threatening :) 
We had a lot of fantastic progress this week. One new investigator, Jean, is on date and she is golden. She has an incredible singing voice and a wonderful light about her. When we asked if she would be baptized, she said she wanted to be prepared but, "When can we get started?" and I was like ... thiiis doesn't happen. So that was awesome. 
We felt like we'd been hitting a wall the past few weeks - like we were teaching lots and getting nowhere with anyone. This past week was opposite. We had fewer lessons than usual, but they were much more effective and productive, and things are finally starting to roll forward with gusto. 
I truly love Kansas! I could do without the wind ...... I really could do without that :) but otherwise, I'm loving this work and this state and ESPECIALLY these fantastic people. 
I love you all very much! Email me! Do it! 
Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Gomez

1. Our "we hate weekly planning" faces
2. Area above my desk. Thought you might like it :) 
3. Kansas is already in the spirit of things! 
4. FIRST SNOWFALL. 6:30 in the morning we rolled outta bed and had a snow party!
5. More snow happiness
6. Our backyard
7. Young single adults that come on team ups with us and were at dinner the other day
8. Morgan, the one who I think sent you a picture mom?? 
9. Cooking dinner with the Bishop's daughter :)
10. Leaf raking! 
11. Pretty Kansas sunset

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