Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 3, 2014

so much happens EVERY DAY!!

Hello everyone! 
Wow ... it's so difficult for me to write these emails because it's hard to sum up everything that happened because so much happens EVERY DAY. 
This last week was a little different, however, because Monday we had Pday, Tuesday we had Zone Conference, Wednesday we had weekly planning, Friday we had district meeting and then we had to be off the streets by 6 because it was Halloween and Sunday we had church, so Thursday and Saturday were our only two real proselyting days. 
Some highlights of the week....
We had a FANTASTIC lesson where my companion and I really worked in unison and followed the spirit. I would think of something to say and then feel that it wasn't me that was supposed to say it, and Sister Engebretsen would jump in and say it way better than I could have. The whole time everything just fell into place like that.
Also, we do so much less active work, and that's really exciting for me. We had four less actives come to church this last week, one of whom hasn't been for like .. more than a year. We've been working with her and doing service and it was so wonderful to see her. 
Another POWERFUL miracle was when this one kid, who is a friend of a few of the young single adults in our ward came to church. He had no belief in God as far as we knew, and only ever came to a few FHE's because he was hanging out with his friends. Well he came on fast Sunday and bore his testimony and said (because I wrote it down haha) "I came here today to bear my testimony. I haven't believed in God or Christ for a long time, but I started reading the Book of Mormon my friend gave me and I read the whole thing last week and I'm half way through it again. And I feel something. I don't know what, but I know that Jesus is here." WAAAAAAAA????? Power. 
Anyway, other than that, we're pretty busy. I love Sister Engebretsen - we laugh A LOT and she is an incredible trainer. She's very patient and very kind. 
I wish more crazy funny things happened .... mostly we're just goofs so we laugh a lot. At one point we knocked on a door and no one answered, so we turned to the side and knocked on the apartment door right next to it, and like a minute into talking to THAT guy, the other dude answered his door, so we awkwardly were like, .... "Uhhhhhhh" and the guy we were talking to was like, "Help him!" and slammed the door in our face. But the other dude who took forever to answer his door became a new investigator so ... the Lord's hand is in this work :) 
Haha anyway I hope all is well in Lake Point and Sandy and Logan and Provo and all the places where the people I love are. I'm loving Kansas - genuinely, the Lord has major plans for this place on the outskirts of Zion. We hear all the time, "Now my family's in Kansas ... we didn't know why ... but we knew we needed to be here," from bishops, stake presidents, etc. Our mission a couple months ago was leading North America in building the church ... not sure if it still is haha but it IS moving forward. 
Anyway, I love you all so very much! I hope the new school year is going well and that it snows soon and that the Christmas decorations are UP and making your day!
-Sister Gomez

Hey hey hey! So ... 
1. Me and Sister Engebretsen with glasses at the store. Random ... but thought you might enjoy. 
2. Elder Hoak and Elder Capener trying to get our silly bike rack off of our car so we could take it through a car wash! It turned out to be an all day affair because it's a lot harder than you'd think. I wanted to call home the most right then of my whole mission because I knew dad could help. 
3. I can't remember if three is the one of me and Elder Capener or just me, but the one of just me in the pink robe is the day our dishes stank like crazy and our heater broke, but I didn't have an apron, so I wore my robe over my dress with lovely socks. Sister Engebretsen thought it was funny so ... there you have it :) 
4. The one of me and Elder Capener was taken on November 1 - in celebration of both of our month marks! Happy birthday to us :) 
Sorry there aren't any more awesome photos this week! Love you all!

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  1. hahaha the bike rack was one of the few enemies l made on the mission.