Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 1, 2014

and the gospel the most...

Hi everybody! 
This week was perty crazy. I LOVED Thanksgiving. We spent the morning serving food at a community event and then we ate lunch with this family the Bensons, then second lunch with this other family of AMAZING cooks the Richmonds, and then we went to dinner at the Bensons again. Luckily, we got an investigator and her friend to come to the Bensons for dinner, so we got to talk to her :) So that was awesome. 
It's been an interesting week to say the least. After the holiday and transfers things were just crazy, and we lost a lot of proselyting time. We also had a whole bunch of people out of town, but we're getting back into the groove of things and contacting our people once again. 
Low moments of the week (because man, let's just get those outta the way right now) were when 
1. Jean, one of the investigators I've told you about in the past, sent us a text before we came over that was like, "I don't want to learn about your church anymore, please don't come over, don't reply it's unnecessary." Which is a huge bummer because she's just the best. then 
2. Stella, this new investigator who was like, "Yes I'll get baptized, yes I'll come to church tomorrow with my three granddaughters, yes I've heard of your church and was already interested," called us and was like, "I'm just calling to tell you that I have no interest in coming to your church, bye!"
There were some other disheartening moments, but we haven't lost hope :D We have a lot of goals for December and it feels like the air in Kansas is sparking with energy and hope. December is going to be a fantastic month! 
Everything else this past week has kind of been a blur, and I didn't make my usual, tidy list of "things I want to write home about" (because of how crazy it's all been) so ... I think that might be it ....?
OH It was fantastic this week to meet the Newmans! I was very sad that we couldn't go out to lunch with them or anything, but I loved to see them. I'm sure I'll see them again :) We'll actually be in Valley Center today for pday! 
So how was everyone's Thanksgiving? The weather here got randomly warm for this last week, but the cold front's back and I'll probably get a second pair of boots.
Transfers happened! Sadly, Elder Hoak left, but GUESS WHO CAME INTO TOWN???
The number of jokes that run through my head - and he even told me to voice them because he actually likes Potter jokes. 
Like, for instance, when he first came, "We got Potter! We got Potter!" and when he not so gracefully tripped? "Training for the ballet, Potter?" 
It's so great.
Ok ... I think that's all. The work is grand and great and moving forward and I love Kansas a lot, I love you guys more, and the gospel the most :) 
Til next week,
Sister Gomez

1. Me looking at Utah
2. Thanksgiving selfie. Because what else were we gonna do?
3. Thanksgiving selfie two with my favorite, Darby
4. Stylish Thanksgiving service 
5. Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls
6. Vanessa and Alexia
7. Bishop's family! 
8. Us and the Kristen
9. Us and Taylor and her friend
10. Me and Apollo the snake!!!! (Mom this is for you :))
11. Apollo doubling as a scarf

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