Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello everybody! 
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK MOM! I can't believe you're already turning 29. Time flies when you're having fun and staying young :)
Wow ... this has certainly been a week to remember. Memorable events include...
1. CHRISTMAS happened which was the best thing ever :) We ate so much food and opened presents and had a gift exchange with all the missionaries in my district. Elder Thayne got me a mini foosball table which is the best thing ever. 
2. I got to skype my favorite people IN THE WORLD. Every one of my VERY favorite people was accounted for so that was grand :) It made me so happy to see and hear their faces.
3. I GOT HUGGED BY PRESIDENT BELL. We were at the mission home on Christmas day and he walked over and threw his arm around me and pulled me all close and was like " .... " well I actually don't know what he said because I was so distracted by the fact that he had his arm around me. So then he awkwardly let go and stepped back and was like, "I just put my arm around you .... well, you're the only sister in the mission who can say that." It was a wonderful Christmas present :) 
4. We went to Michelle's funeral. It was very sad - but it was good to see her family. We'll miss her and her sassy self!
5. JEAN GOT BAPTIZED! People. This lady is the best ever :) The baptism was wonderful and the spirit was so strong. She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. Two elders had to go in the font with her to make sure she could get back up, and I had to take off my tights and shoes so that I could step into the water and hold her oxygen, but in the end, it was the most beautiful day. She was so incredibly happy, and said she felt great. Not to mention pretty much her whole family came :)
Anyway ... I love you guys! Hope your week is wonderful and you have a wonderful New Year filled with New Year's resolutions you'll actually keep! 
Love always,
Sister Gomez

1. Skyping Nomers
2. Skyping the cute Gomezes :) 
3. On our way to service wearing the cute headband Aida sent :) 

4. Our beautiful Christmas sunset
5. Brrrr Kansas wind :) Waiting outside her house while Jean had her interview

6. Joseph and Mary - our Christmas skit with the elders 
7. Jean, Sister Engebretsen and I!

8. Our awkward photo - Sister Engebretsen and I had to stand on either side of Jean to help her stand, so the elders had to be on either side. 
9. Jean's happy baptism cake :D

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