Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 15, 2014

Right next door!

Hello everybody! 
Well this past week was a bit of a toughie, but that's just fine because of repentance and the atonement which makes it possible for this next week to be wonderful :D
First of all, thanks to Laura especially for sending all of the Christmas letters from cousins, and also to those who've send Christmas cards and packages! We have all of our Christmas cards decorating our door which makes things very cheerful. 
Second of all, and so importantly, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS WEEK CAMILLA AND JACOB!!! :D I cannot believe it's been seven years. Seven years!
So this last week, my very favorite miracle was when we were looking down our ward list and stopping by people's houses who we haven't seen in awhile to see if they've moved or been abducted by aliens and what not. So we stopped by this one woman, Tabitha's house, and she just gaped at us while we stood on her porch. She was like, "It's been a really long time ... like seven years. I'm just so shocked because I've been thinking about the church lately and how I need to go back, and here you are." then we told her that we didn't think that was a coincidence, and she agreed. Not a coincidence at all.
And THEN, randomly we walked outside and another member who we lost track of because she moved was standing outside her door AT THE LOT RIGHT NEXT DOOR. She was taking a smoke break, so she looked a little scared of us for a moment. Not sure if she thought we'd run over and smack it out of her hands or something. We didn't do that. We walked over and had a wonderful discussion instead :) 
Also, our investigator Jean who we reclaimed is doing fantastically well :) She bought us Christmas presents and is still working towards December 27th to be baptized. She is the best. 
We also had a ward Christmas party, and not gonna lie, my heart hurt, but in a happy way. I just felt so at home and kept looking around for Bishop dad and the Hardy's and Robbins and Mays and Vancomens and Coxes and Tarpleys and Winters and Pearsons and such folks. Hutchinson ward is fantastic, luckily, and it was such a delight :)
Anyway, I love you guys so very much! I hope you get a chance to watch "He is the gift" this season and I hope you let the hope and sweet, sweet joy of Christ's birth, life and atonement put a real big smile on your face. Merry continued Christmas season!
-Sister Gomez


1. The Christmas card we gave Elder Potter and Thayne. Because I think I'm hilarious. 
2. Me and the sword of Gryffindor letter opener
3. Me and the cutest kid since sliced bread named Timmy
4. Our zone
5. Elder Capener and I's two month photo (hence the two book of mormons.) The caption of this photo is "It's not easy being green"
6. Us and the children

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