Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 8, 2014

Will miracles cease?

Hidee hey and hello!
So first of all, some weekly highlights (because this week ... this week was bomb.)
1. My mom is the best missionary mom since ever. And my siblings are the grandest. THANK you for sending me some marvelous Christmas cheer :) p.s. mom don't cut this out just because you're wonderful and humble. 
2. We reclaimed two people who had dropped us. One of them we just stopped by and asked if she was feeling ok and she said she was willing to try again. The other, lovely Jean, had texted us and was like, "Don't reply, don't stop by anymore, etc. etc." but THEN there was an ambulance at her house and we know she has oodles of health problems so I was real stressed about her. So later, even though she'd asked us not to, I sent a text and just asked if she was ok and if we could do anything. WELL SHE IMMEDIATELY SET UP ANOTHER APPOINTMENT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GOSPEL. She apologized for being rude and asked if she could still be baptized. And that sure does not happen every day haha. 
3. We got FIVE investigators to go to mutual. The nonmembers outnumbered the members! It was wonderful! We wrapped Christmas gifts and ate pizza.
4. We got THREE investigators to church - both of our people on date for this month came ... woooohooooo!!! I was peeing my pants with joy. (But then I rapidly stopped because that is incredibly undignified).
Q: Will miracles ever cease?
A: No, they sure will not. 
I think that's about it for the highlight. Low of the week? Well that's easy. We were asked to give a training and now we have to give a training at zone conference on how to put people on date. Eeeek. 
Other than that it's been grand. The Christmas devotional was top notch, as always. Henry B. Eyring just kills me, he is the best. Also, did everyone see the "He is the gift" youtube takeover??? What a wonderful video! Share it! Share the gift! 
Okie dokie folks, I love you lots and lots. Hope your hearts are full of Christmas cheer and sweets from awesome neighbors. 
-Sister Gomez


1. Our matching Christmas sweaters
2. Me kissing Ted, the teensie puppy. 
3. Ted, the teensie puppy kissing me.
4. Me and cute Brooks and Alexia. Them and their mom are moving to Utah!!
5. Our tree from you guys :) We love it!!!
6. I am. The Grinch.
7. Saying goodbye to Vanessa and the kids
8. Our beautiful tree with my pretty presents :) 

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