Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 26, 2015

wedge open the window

Hello Everyone!
I'm running really short on time and unfortunately have so much to tell all of you!
Basically, we had an incredible training at interviews a couple weeks ago where they broke down our actual time to be out teaching. If we were teaching a lesson every hour we have to proselyte, we'd be teaching 48 lessons every week. Well, two weeks ago we taught 23 lessons. Very sad. So we committed to teach at least 48 lessons each week - so that week we taught 49 and last week we taught 50 and I can't even TELL YOU the miracles we've seen!
To sum it up, sweet, 12-year-old Kyleah who wasn't progressing came to mutual and wants to be baptized on Valentine's Day and actually believes that Heavenly Father loves her. 
Sister Cecil, who hasn't been to church in twelve years, told us the other day that she was ordering a dress. Then she winked and said, "After all, if I'm going to be coming back to church...." woohoo!! We've spent so many pdays crafting with her, not sharing messages because she wouldn't let us. 
Then there's Jenna, who we lost contact with but then got back in contact with us, came and had an incredibly powerful church tour and is praying and reading to know if the Book of Mormon is true. 
Finally, there's Breanna, who is searching for a path. We had her read about Lehi's dream and she said it spoke to her and that she's going to read and pray. Then we told her she was elect and she cried and said she never has believed that. 
Anyway, those are just a few and very watered down, but we think an angel left a window open in heaven directly over Hutch. And we think we're going to wedge open that window. 
Also, this all happened while Sister Gunderson and I were both perty sick. Don't worry. We sanitized out the wazoo and were very careful. But definitely we had a lot of extra strength. 
Anyway, I love you all so much!
-Sister Gomez

Monday, January 19, 2015

A hair over a lesson an hour

Hey everyone!
So we had a fantastic week! Easily one of the very best on my mission thus far. We taught just a hair over a lesson every hour of the work day. We worked so hard - I haven't been that exhausted since ... well maybe ever. I love to get in bed at night and I love to wake up each morning. So life is going good :) 
This week was very eventful - one of my favorite experiences was with this guy, Dakota, whose wife was supposed to meet with us. He was pretty smug at first - he pulled out his beer and chew and kept spitting near us and watching how we'd react. We didn't mind haha - we've definitely seen worse.
 But we talked about the Book of Mormon and asked if he would be willing to read and pray about it. He said probably not. But then we testified, and he said that we could open to a random page without looking and begin to read. If it applied to his life, he said he'd read and pray about. I don't even know where I opened to, but it was about rejoicing in the success of our brothers and such things, and he told me to keep reading. I read for awhile more and he said, "Ok. I'll read your book." and told us to come back. 
That was fun. We're working with some other lovely people. There's Kristi, who said she thinks we're her guardian angels and that she felt something at one church as a child and never in any other church, but that she feels is when she talks to us about the gospel. Also Kyleah, who is the sweetest twelve year old ever and agreed to get baptized on the fourteenth. 
Anyway, it's been a crazy, hectic, wonderful week. We're loving the weather (in the 50's mid-January. Whaaaa?) and walking and talking and knocking all day long. 
I love you all! And Christ loves you more! Sorry if this email was a little scattered (like most of them are).
-Sister Gomez

1. Us out walking
2. Me and a cute baby
3. Her face
4. In the mall gazing at our disgusting smoothie/shakes. Like someone had mixed sour cream in. We still ate them. And only got a little sick :)
5. Us and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Vera Oneal. She street races the elders and comes out on teams ups with us like ... twice a week. She is 85 years young. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

transfers and fun tracting :)

Hello everyone! 
Wow. What a crazy week! 
Well, first thing's first! We had transfers :D
We said goodbye to Sister Barrera and Elder Capener and said hello to Elder Knight and the brilliant, bold, beautiful Sister Rachel Gunderson! People. The Lord has his hand in this work and every move is so inspired. Sister Gunderson and I work so well together and she is definitely meant to be in Hutch. I may be biased because we have so much fun, but I am definitely pumped for this transfer. 
We were street contacting (because I love to do that now) and we met this guy. We taught the restoration and he was sold until he found out we were Mormons. He was like, "You guys are saying all the right things, but I'm not sold on the Mormon thing." So we explained that this was, in fact, the Mormon thing, but he was sure that there was something we believed that was too weird for him to accept. Ha ha ha ha. I love people. 
So far this transfer has been absolutely fantastic. My fear of door knocking is gone, gone gone. Dallin once said in an email home that he didn't understand why people hated tracting so much. I thought he was crazy, but I'm right there with him now. We've met some great people and worked harder than I have since being out, walking and talking to everyone. 
We've seen so many miracles and have found a lot of people who we haven't seen in a long time who are suddenly interested, as well as a bunch of new people. I think the reason it's so happy to walk for hours in the freezing cold in a skirt on streets where most people don't want to talk to you is because whether people accept the message or not, I've had the opportunity to testify of Christ again and again! And every time, my own testimony grows. And it's almost like the way the other person takes it doesn't matter, because each time I get to say that I know that Christ lives and is our Savior, I feel it again, and who could be sad after that? 
That's pretty much it! Sister Gunderson is so great. She is hilarious and cleanly and just the greatest. 
Hope your new year is going swimmingly well :)

Sister Siera Gomez
1. Transfer devotional! All the ladies from my MTC district reunited :D
2. All the new missionaries  3. Sister Gunderson!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years, Transfers and Chaos

Hello family and friends :)
I feel like I lived a whole lifetime since I spoke to you last, but 'tis not so. It has only been a week.
First of all, we played Phase 10 last pday and I had super flash backs of East Canyon. The other missionaries in my district turned out to be suuuuper competitive. Ha ha ha. 
Second of all, it has been a rough, wonderful, emotional, hectic week here in the mission field.
Sister Engebretsen and I said goodbye and I drove for the first time all the way to Wichita, then back to Hutch, then back to Wichita the next day for a meeting. 
I picked up my wonderful temporary companion, Sister Barrera (we'll be together for five days) who loves anime and drawing and makes me laugh all the time. 
Then we hit the pavement! 
First of all, we had a family of people who haven't progressed at all since I've been here. But we went over for a visit the first night Sister Barrera was here and we laughed and had a good chat about progress and the atonement and it was pretty casual. Then Jeremy, who has been incredibly closed off to the missionaries, was like, "This is the style of lesson I like. When do you want to come back and do a bible study?" Ha ha I was so shocked that I actually said out loud, "Are you serious?" and they all laughed at me and he scheduled a time. Woohoo!!
Then, one of the less actives we were working with, Sarah, has progressed by leaps and bounds. She is on a lot and told us that she'd forgotten the incredible joy and peace of the gospel and that she feels like she's full of it again. That was definitely another bright spot of the week. 
Also, I'm DONE with training! Which means I officially am stripped of the "I'm sorry I'm new!" excuse. 
Also, in the name of a random list of things, I'm getting a new companion and staying in Hutchinson. Her name is Sister Gunderson. She sings and apparently is WONDERFUL. Wooohooo!!!! 
Anyway, I am so excited for 2015. I feel closer to my Savior and happier than I ever have in my entire life. Miracles are happening in Kansas :) 
Love you all!
-Sister Gomez