Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 19, 2015

A hair over a lesson an hour

Hey everyone!
So we had a fantastic week! Easily one of the very best on my mission thus far. We taught just a hair over a lesson every hour of the work day. We worked so hard - I haven't been that exhausted since ... well maybe ever. I love to get in bed at night and I love to wake up each morning. So life is going good :) 
This week was very eventful - one of my favorite experiences was with this guy, Dakota, whose wife was supposed to meet with us. He was pretty smug at first - he pulled out his beer and chew and kept spitting near us and watching how we'd react. We didn't mind haha - we've definitely seen worse.
 But we talked about the Book of Mormon and asked if he would be willing to read and pray about it. He said probably not. But then we testified, and he said that we could open to a random page without looking and begin to read. If it applied to his life, he said he'd read and pray about. I don't even know where I opened to, but it was about rejoicing in the success of our brothers and such things, and he told me to keep reading. I read for awhile more and he said, "Ok. I'll read your book." and told us to come back. 
That was fun. We're working with some other lovely people. There's Kristi, who said she thinks we're her guardian angels and that she felt something at one church as a child and never in any other church, but that she feels is when she talks to us about the gospel. Also Kyleah, who is the sweetest twelve year old ever and agreed to get baptized on the fourteenth. 
Anyway, it's been a crazy, hectic, wonderful week. We're loving the weather (in the 50's mid-January. Whaaaa?) and walking and talking and knocking all day long. 
I love you all! And Christ loves you more! Sorry if this email was a little scattered (like most of them are).
-Sister Gomez

1. Us out walking
2. Me and a cute baby
3. Her face
4. In the mall gazing at our disgusting smoothie/shakes. Like someone had mixed sour cream in. We still ate them. And only got a little sick :)
5. Us and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Vera Oneal. She street races the elders and comes out on teams ups with us like ... twice a week. She is 85 years young. 

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