Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 12, 2015

transfers and fun tracting :)

Hello everyone! 
Wow. What a crazy week! 
Well, first thing's first! We had transfers :D
We said goodbye to Sister Barrera and Elder Capener and said hello to Elder Knight and the brilliant, bold, beautiful Sister Rachel Gunderson! People. The Lord has his hand in this work and every move is so inspired. Sister Gunderson and I work so well together and she is definitely meant to be in Hutch. I may be biased because we have so much fun, but I am definitely pumped for this transfer. 
We were street contacting (because I love to do that now) and we met this guy. We taught the restoration and he was sold until he found out we were Mormons. He was like, "You guys are saying all the right things, but I'm not sold on the Mormon thing." So we explained that this was, in fact, the Mormon thing, but he was sure that there was something we believed that was too weird for him to accept. Ha ha ha ha. I love people. 
So far this transfer has been absolutely fantastic. My fear of door knocking is gone, gone gone. Dallin once said in an email home that he didn't understand why people hated tracting so much. I thought he was crazy, but I'm right there with him now. We've met some great people and worked harder than I have since being out, walking and talking to everyone. 
We've seen so many miracles and have found a lot of people who we haven't seen in a long time who are suddenly interested, as well as a bunch of new people. I think the reason it's so happy to walk for hours in the freezing cold in a skirt on streets where most people don't want to talk to you is because whether people accept the message or not, I've had the opportunity to testify of Christ again and again! And every time, my own testimony grows. And it's almost like the way the other person takes it doesn't matter, because each time I get to say that I know that Christ lives and is our Savior, I feel it again, and who could be sad after that? 
That's pretty much it! Sister Gunderson is so great. She is hilarious and cleanly and just the greatest. 
Hope your new year is going swimmingly well :)

Sister Siera Gomez
1. Transfer devotional! All the ladies from my MTC district reunited :D
2. All the new missionaries  3. Sister Gunderson!

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