Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 26, 2015

wedge open the window

Hello Everyone!
I'm running really short on time and unfortunately have so much to tell all of you!
Basically, we had an incredible training at interviews a couple weeks ago where they broke down our actual time to be out teaching. If we were teaching a lesson every hour we have to proselyte, we'd be teaching 48 lessons every week. Well, two weeks ago we taught 23 lessons. Very sad. So we committed to teach at least 48 lessons each week - so that week we taught 49 and last week we taught 50 and I can't even TELL YOU the miracles we've seen!
To sum it up, sweet, 12-year-old Kyleah who wasn't progressing came to mutual and wants to be baptized on Valentine's Day and actually believes that Heavenly Father loves her. 
Sister Cecil, who hasn't been to church in twelve years, told us the other day that she was ordering a dress. Then she winked and said, "After all, if I'm going to be coming back to church...." woohoo!! We've spent so many pdays crafting with her, not sharing messages because she wouldn't let us. 
Then there's Jenna, who we lost contact with but then got back in contact with us, came and had an incredibly powerful church tour and is praying and reading to know if the Book of Mormon is true. 
Finally, there's Breanna, who is searching for a path. We had her read about Lehi's dream and she said it spoke to her and that she's going to read and pray. Then we told her she was elect and she cried and said she never has believed that. 
Anyway, those are just a few and very watered down, but we think an angel left a window open in heaven directly over Hutch. And we think we're going to wedge open that window. 
Also, this all happened while Sister Gunderson and I were both perty sick. Don't worry. We sanitized out the wazoo and were very careful. But definitely we had a lot of extra strength. 
Anyway, I love you all so much!
-Sister Gomez

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