Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, February 23, 2015

so many exciting things are coming up !!

FIRST AND FOREMOST. Carlos Samuel Gomez, you are going to be the world's best missionary that has ever graced the Argentinian .... fields? plains? mountains? deserts? Whatever it is, I'm so proud of you, man! Congratulations! 
So this week I completely forgot that I still needed to write my weekly email. Ha ha oops. 
So transfers happened! It was crazy - they took out our second set of elders and every missionary except me who has been here for longer than a transfer, so suddenly I'm the oldest in the area. That's just too bizarre. But wonderful!
My new companion is the beautiful, hysterical Sister Browning. I love her so much! She is such a hard worker and very bold. We've already had a wonderful time. 
So things in Hutchinson are going very well! We are teaching some amazing people :) 
First of all, I think I completely forgot to tell you about Bobbi. Ohhh, Bobbi. She's this amazing woman with these three adorable daughters who all love Jesus a lot. The elders have been teaching her since October or so, but there were finally no more men in the house (a good thing) which means they had to turn her over to us. So since we've been teaching her, we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she was dumb struck. She basically realized finally that either the church is ALL true or it is ALL a hoax. She is committed to finding out for herself and will be baptized if she knows the Book of Mormon is true :) Pray and pray for her! 
Breanna is plugging along with so much courage and strength and faith. She came to church on Sunday and loved it! 
Also, probably my favorite miracle story of the week - I mentioned a little while ago that we tracted into this woman, Dawn, who hadn't been to church in years. And then she met the Relief Society president at a salon and knew that she needed to come back to church. Well yesterday she came and brought her boys and we told her that we hoped we'd be seeing her again and she said that absolutely we would and that she loved it. Yippee! 
I am really excited for this next transfer - most likely my last in Hutchinson. The Lord has His hand in every bit of the work and so many exciting things are coming up. 
I'll be here until April 1st for sure, and then I think I'll just start having you send things to the Mission Office. But until then, I'd love to hear from you! 
Love you all! 
-Sister Gomez 

1. Saying goodbye to Sister Barrera - my temporary companion from January who is going home :(
2. At an FHE activity. I'm wearing pants, which is probably why my facial expression is so uncomfortable. We were skating. Weeeeird. 
3. A day in the life with the wonderful Sister Browning :) 
4. Aaaand take two. Sorry I look super creepy. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

2 sisters in Kansas

Hello everyone!
So first off, transfer info was sent out - I'm staying in Hutchinson for at least one more transfer! That'll make it a wonderful, life changing six months that I'll be in this beautiful town of mine :) I am so happy. Unfortunately, we got a call yesterday from President Bell and my wonderful companion, Sister Gunderson, is needed on the other side of the mission to be a sister training leader. I'll miss her like crazy!
Luckily, Hermana Moser, the other companion in our trio, is staying in our zone, so I'll still get to see her. That's good news indeed. I adore her :) 
So in other news,
This week was wonderful! We double covered two areas so we did a lot of driving. We managed to hit standard in both areas though, which is a total miracle. We saw so much progress with those we're teaching! 
One such person is Breanna Novack - I've mentioned her before. She is so beautiful and wonderful and after praying about it she feels that she should be baptized in May or June. It's just enough time to have a weeeeedding!!!! Eeeek that she wants us to help her plan! Her and Tim are determined to come back to church together, and once they have a wedding then she'll be baptized two weeks later :) She is such an incredibly faithful person. MIRACLE - she was having super issues with depression, anxiety and a migraine that had steadily worsened for three days. We explained what a priesthood blessing was and asked if she wanted one. The elders came over, gave her a blessing and she cried the whole time. Afterwards she said she felt like God was speaking directly to her, that it was exactly what she needed and on top of that, her migraine was GONE. Power of the priesthood, people. 
I was also able to go on exchanges and had a wonderful, miracle filled day in Maize with Sister Fairborn. I love her and have learned so much from her! 
Finally, tender mercy of all tender mercies, I GOT TO SEE TALI!!! I couldn't believe it last week when she told me that she was going to be at the same church meeting in Kansas that I would. I was in the choir stands when she walked in with Jesse and I just lost it. I was laughing and crying, and as soon as the meeting was over I made a bee-line for her. It was such a sweet Valentine's present to hug my big sister! I was worried that it might distract me a little, but it just put me in the best mood. 
There are only five people in the world that are my sisters and bajillions of meetings going on at any given moment in the church and the odds that one of those five ladies would happen to be going to the same meeting as me in little old Kansas? That's a straight up miracle, my friends. I'm so blessed :)
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and remembered how much you are loved. By me, by so many people around you and most importantly by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ :) 
-Sister Gomez

1. Dinner at a member's - us and the lovely Trista :) 
2. Me and Sister Fairborn on exchanges
3. Us and Danica when she got her hair dyed. Haha that's what's all over her forehead
4. Me and TALI  (sooo happy!!!)
5. Us holding kids :) Hahahaha
6. They're just so cute!
7. An abundance of baby animals - that's Breanna's cute puppy she got Tim for Valentine's Day! 
8. These are our "One transfer was definitely not enough and we really don't think getting separated is that great of an idea" faces. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

out of ear shot so she can jump and scream :)

Hello everybody! What a crazy week it's been! 
So first of all,
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! I hope you focus on all the people in your life that you already love, all the people you need to love, and most importantly, the love of Christ. 
So anyway ... 
This week has been full of miracles! 
First of all, I just have to type out an entire texting conversation we had with this super wonderful girl, Victoria...
Us: Have you had a chance to read the Book of Mormon?
Victoria: Yep! I have it's really good
Us: That's so great! Do you have any questions so far?
Victoria: Not yet
Us: Ok cool, well let us know if you come up with any! :) Have you had a chance to pray and ask God if it's true?
Victoria: I will and yes. And all the time yes!
Us: Do you feel like you've gotten an answer?
Victoria: I feel like I have and its a 100% for sure YES!
WAT??? So yeah, that happened. And we met with her parents who are super cool about her learning. Unfortunately she's super busy, so pray that Victoria will find some time! 
The Book of Mormon is so powerful :) 
In other news, Breanna is also still doing so well. She is progressing beautifully and last time we met with her she told us, "I mean, of course I know I really want to be baptized, I just don't want to set a date and pressure myself or anything." WHAT? We had no idea she knew for sure she wanted to be baptized, but we just smiled and nodded and tried to act cool.
I'm so blessed to be here with these incredible people! I feel like I spend so much time trying to keep my cool in lessons so that we can get outside and out of ear shot and jump up and down and just scream! 
Now on a sadder note, we are teaching Danica (I think I mentioned her last week) but there are some setbacks. 1. She is still a ward of the state, so we need state permission and 2. Her mom who had been super supportive texted us last night and said she thought that Danica had been talked into baptism and that she didn't want us to try and help her to be baptized yet. We were super shocked because Danica was the one who wanted to be baptized as soon as possible and who has done everything she can to prepare. And now her mom isn't talking to us until Wednesday, so the baptism we were going to have this weekend is indefinitely postponed. So PLEASE keep Danica (Duhneeka) in your prayers. 
I'm in a trio now. Sister Moser's companion went home a week early, so now it's us three for a week and a half :) Sister Moser is delightful!  She just got here this morning but she is so wonderful :) She is the oldest in the mission of the three of us. She is really sweet and hilarious and we're all excited even though we're going to be double covering areas.
Anyway, it's been a great week! Hope you have a fantastic holiday :) 
Love you! 
-Sister Gomez

1. Me and sweet Kyleah :) She's the cutest! 
2. Showing off the new necklace from Aida and the skirt from mom and the girls (I assume) :) 
3. At church in the library. 
4. Our trio ... OH MOM I totally forgot to tell you I'm in a trio now. 
5. us and Kyleah again
6. a funny sign we saw

Monday, February 2, 2015

"Knock loud - might be dead inside."

Hey everybody! 
It's been another fantastic week full of miracles in Hutchinson! I can't even express to you how absolutely impossible every day would be without the Lord's help. Like if all of this was just up to us, I'd be sitting around twiddling my thumbs all day. But luckily it's His work, not mine, so I'm quite a bit too busy for any thumb twiddling :) 
So let's just dive straight in, shall we? First of all, Luanda. (pronounced Linda.) Waaat? She is the greatest. She came out of her house as we went to see her across the street neighbor and started talking to us. We are close to certain that she's completely insane, but also wonderful. She told us that she has been dying since she was nine (she's about forty now) and that she just has her feet planted in the ground and is ready to go. She has plastic on her couch and her bed in case she dies on either one because one of her friends insists on getting her furniture after she dies. She also has a sign on the door that says, "Knock loud - might be dead inside." 
Anyway, she's pretty chipper. She sometimes says she hates God, sometimes she loves God, and sometimes she cuts off people's hair while they're sleeping because she doesn't think God wants boys to have long hair. 
Next, Breanna. She is significantly more sane than Luanda and absolutely wonderful! She is the girlfriend of a less active man, Tim, who is also awesome. She comes to church each week with her adorable son Draven and has this incredible light and an incredible drive to find truth. She wants to be close to Christ, but she told us she's just searched everywhere for her path for so long. We shared Lehi's dream with her and it really spoke to her. She said she really identified with Lehi in that she always wanted her family to come with her on her journey closer to Christ. She also said that she'd never really known what the "fruit" or love of Christ tasted like because she was so down on herself all the time and didn't think she was good enough. But we've talked a lot about divine worth - we told her she was "elect" and explained what it meant and she just cried and cried. 
Finally, Danica! (pronounced Duhneeka.) She is the seventeen year old daughter of Rae Williams, a sweet lady who was baptized at fourteen and shortly after went less active. Well Rae has been rediscovering the gospel, prayer, scripture study and what not and is LOVING IT. We had their family over for a Restoration movie night a week ago and Danica loved it and is pumped to get baptized. She was like, "Can I get baptized this weekend?" and we laughed and insisted that we have to wait just a little longer, so she asked if she could get baptized on Valentine's Day. We'll just barely have time to teach her all that we need to since we don't get to meet with her often, but that's fine by us! 
Anyway, sorry this was a super long one! I felt the need to over share. 
I love you all so much! Keep me posted on your lives :) 
-Sister Siera Gomez 

1. Us not wanting to plan
2. Me and Trista Maxwell being dorks
3. Sister Gunderson snapped a candid, studious picture of me during planning
4. On our way to somewhere exciting :)