Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, February 16, 2015

2 sisters in Kansas

Hello everyone!
So first off, transfer info was sent out - I'm staying in Hutchinson for at least one more transfer! That'll make it a wonderful, life changing six months that I'll be in this beautiful town of mine :) I am so happy. Unfortunately, we got a call yesterday from President Bell and my wonderful companion, Sister Gunderson, is needed on the other side of the mission to be a sister training leader. I'll miss her like crazy!
Luckily, Hermana Moser, the other companion in our trio, is staying in our zone, so I'll still get to see her. That's good news indeed. I adore her :) 
So in other news,
This week was wonderful! We double covered two areas so we did a lot of driving. We managed to hit standard in both areas though, which is a total miracle. We saw so much progress with those we're teaching! 
One such person is Breanna Novack - I've mentioned her before. She is so beautiful and wonderful and after praying about it she feels that she should be baptized in May or June. It's just enough time to have a weeeeedding!!!! Eeeek that she wants us to help her plan! Her and Tim are determined to come back to church together, and once they have a wedding then she'll be baptized two weeks later :) She is such an incredibly faithful person. MIRACLE - she was having super issues with depression, anxiety and a migraine that had steadily worsened for three days. We explained what a priesthood blessing was and asked if she wanted one. The elders came over, gave her a blessing and she cried the whole time. Afterwards she said she felt like God was speaking directly to her, that it was exactly what she needed and on top of that, her migraine was GONE. Power of the priesthood, people. 
I was also able to go on exchanges and had a wonderful, miracle filled day in Maize with Sister Fairborn. I love her and have learned so much from her! 
Finally, tender mercy of all tender mercies, I GOT TO SEE TALI!!! I couldn't believe it last week when she told me that she was going to be at the same church meeting in Kansas that I would. I was in the choir stands when she walked in with Jesse and I just lost it. I was laughing and crying, and as soon as the meeting was over I made a bee-line for her. It was such a sweet Valentine's present to hug my big sister! I was worried that it might distract me a little, but it just put me in the best mood. 
There are only five people in the world that are my sisters and bajillions of meetings going on at any given moment in the church and the odds that one of those five ladies would happen to be going to the same meeting as me in little old Kansas? That's a straight up miracle, my friends. I'm so blessed :)
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and remembered how much you are loved. By me, by so many people around you and most importantly by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ :) 
-Sister Gomez

1. Dinner at a member's - us and the lovely Trista :) 
2. Me and Sister Fairborn on exchanges
3. Us and Danica when she got her hair dyed. Haha that's what's all over her forehead
4. Me and TALI  (sooo happy!!!)
5. Us holding kids :) Hahahaha
6. They're just so cute!
7. An abundance of baby animals - that's Breanna's cute puppy she got Tim for Valentine's Day! 
8. These are our "One transfer was definitely not enough and we really don't think getting separated is that great of an idea" faces. 

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