Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, February 9, 2015

out of ear shot so she can jump and scream :)

Hello everybody! What a crazy week it's been! 
So first of all,
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! I hope you focus on all the people in your life that you already love, all the people you need to love, and most importantly, the love of Christ. 
So anyway ... 
This week has been full of miracles! 
First of all, I just have to type out an entire texting conversation we had with this super wonderful girl, Victoria...
Us: Have you had a chance to read the Book of Mormon?
Victoria: Yep! I have it's really good
Us: That's so great! Do you have any questions so far?
Victoria: Not yet
Us: Ok cool, well let us know if you come up with any! :) Have you had a chance to pray and ask God if it's true?
Victoria: I will and yes. And all the time yes!
Us: Do you feel like you've gotten an answer?
Victoria: I feel like I have and its a 100% for sure YES!
WAT??? So yeah, that happened. And we met with her parents who are super cool about her learning. Unfortunately she's super busy, so pray that Victoria will find some time! 
The Book of Mormon is so powerful :) 
In other news, Breanna is also still doing so well. She is progressing beautifully and last time we met with her she told us, "I mean, of course I know I really want to be baptized, I just don't want to set a date and pressure myself or anything." WHAT? We had no idea she knew for sure she wanted to be baptized, but we just smiled and nodded and tried to act cool.
I'm so blessed to be here with these incredible people! I feel like I spend so much time trying to keep my cool in lessons so that we can get outside and out of ear shot and jump up and down and just scream! 
Now on a sadder note, we are teaching Danica (I think I mentioned her last week) but there are some setbacks. 1. She is still a ward of the state, so we need state permission and 2. Her mom who had been super supportive texted us last night and said she thought that Danica had been talked into baptism and that she didn't want us to try and help her to be baptized yet. We were super shocked because Danica was the one who wanted to be baptized as soon as possible and who has done everything she can to prepare. And now her mom isn't talking to us until Wednesday, so the baptism we were going to have this weekend is indefinitely postponed. So PLEASE keep Danica (Duhneeka) in your prayers. 
I'm in a trio now. Sister Moser's companion went home a week early, so now it's us three for a week and a half :) Sister Moser is delightful!  She just got here this morning but she is so wonderful :) She is the oldest in the mission of the three of us. She is really sweet and hilarious and we're all excited even though we're going to be double covering areas.
Anyway, it's been a great week! Hope you have a fantastic holiday :) 
Love you! 
-Sister Gomez

1. Me and sweet Kyleah :) She's the cutest! 
2. Showing off the new necklace from Aida and the skirt from mom and the girls (I assume) :) 
3. At church in the library. 
4. Our trio ... OH MOM I totally forgot to tell you I'm in a trio now. 
5. us and Kyleah again
6. a funny sign we saw

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