Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, February 23, 2015

so many exciting things are coming up !!

FIRST AND FOREMOST. Carlos Samuel Gomez, you are going to be the world's best missionary that has ever graced the Argentinian .... fields? plains? mountains? deserts? Whatever it is, I'm so proud of you, man! Congratulations! 
So this week I completely forgot that I still needed to write my weekly email. Ha ha oops. 
So transfers happened! It was crazy - they took out our second set of elders and every missionary except me who has been here for longer than a transfer, so suddenly I'm the oldest in the area. That's just too bizarre. But wonderful!
My new companion is the beautiful, hysterical Sister Browning. I love her so much! She is such a hard worker and very bold. We've already had a wonderful time. 
So things in Hutchinson are going very well! We are teaching some amazing people :) 
First of all, I think I completely forgot to tell you about Bobbi. Ohhh, Bobbi. She's this amazing woman with these three adorable daughters who all love Jesus a lot. The elders have been teaching her since October or so, but there were finally no more men in the house (a good thing) which means they had to turn her over to us. So since we've been teaching her, we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she was dumb struck. She basically realized finally that either the church is ALL true or it is ALL a hoax. She is committed to finding out for herself and will be baptized if she knows the Book of Mormon is true :) Pray and pray for her! 
Breanna is plugging along with so much courage and strength and faith. She came to church on Sunday and loved it! 
Also, probably my favorite miracle story of the week - I mentioned a little while ago that we tracted into this woman, Dawn, who hadn't been to church in years. And then she met the Relief Society president at a salon and knew that she needed to come back to church. Well yesterday she came and brought her boys and we told her that we hoped we'd be seeing her again and she said that absolutely we would and that she loved it. Yippee! 
I am really excited for this next transfer - most likely my last in Hutchinson. The Lord has His hand in every bit of the work and so many exciting things are coming up. 
I'll be here until April 1st for sure, and then I think I'll just start having you send things to the Mission Office. But until then, I'd love to hear from you! 
Love you all! 
-Sister Gomez 

1. Saying goodbye to Sister Barrera - my temporary companion from January who is going home :(
2. At an FHE activity. I'm wearing pants, which is probably why my facial expression is so uncomfortable. We were skating. Weeeeird. 
3. A day in the life with the wonderful Sister Browning :) 
4. Aaaand take two. Sorry I look super creepy. 

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