Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, March 30, 2015

Goodbye to Hutchinson

Transfers!!! Ahhhh guys. Guess what. I'm leaving Hutch. We all saw it coming, but I'm a little heart broken. But also really excited! I'm going to Glen Hills, so I'll be right by the office, so everyone can send letters and packages to that address - 7011 E. 13th Street, Wichita, KS, 67206 from now on. 
Wowie wow wow - it has certainly been a week to remember! First of all, our washer decided it was A-ok with not working anymore, so the elders and the office couple missionaries had to fight with it and bring in a new one. So that was an adventure. 
Then we had an amazing sister's conference way out west - next to Colorado. It was so. fun. I learned so much about the Christlike attributes. Everyone, go study chapter six of Preach my gospel! 
Otherwise we've seen bunches of miracles! 
Breanna is still doing phenomenally well! AND I'LL TOTALLY BE ABLE TO COME BACK FOR HER BAPTISM which is completely rad :) 
Alexis is doing awesome, and her brother Ezekiel wants to be baptized as well! Which is so awesome. 
It's been such a pleasure to be in Hutchinson. It feels like I just got here, but stepping back, there are so many people that I met and got to see progress so far. Heavenly Father definitely knows where we need to be and where I've needed to be is Hutch. But I can't wait for Glen Hills!!! Wooohooo!!! 
Love you all! 
Sister Gomez


1. Some cute girls in our ward. I let them snap the photo. Hahahaha. 
2. Our district
3. Us being intense. 
4. Us in our apartment. Usually it's super not allowed but since we had the office senior missionaries there, we could all be in there at the same time. The senior sister, Sister Kitchen, wanted a picture :) 
5. Cooking tortillas! 
6. On the way to sisters' conference! 
7. And that is Kansas
8. Saying goodbye to Bobbi's girls
9. Some ward member goodbyes
10. Annnd one more 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello everybody! 
Wow, it has truly been an amazing week in Hutchinson! I am dreading the fact that it was also most likely one of my last, but I couldn't imagine any better ways to spend it. We are seeing so many miracles! 
1. Dawn. Dawn (I probably have mentioned her at some point previously, but I can't even remember) is this amazing woman who came to church a few weeks ago and loved it. But then she had work, and then she didn't come one week because she just got so nervous about all the people in our ward who know her past. So we called her and she basically talked herself into coming. And then she LOVED church, signed up to feed us, and introduced us to her nonmember friend who loves us and offered to cut our hair for free (and is a cosmetologist.) Plus they gave us a fridge full of leftovers which we were in dire need of :) So all around miracles! 
2. Alexis and Ezekiel! Oh my word they are so amazing. Alexis is seventeen and he is eleven and both of them want to be baptized on the eleventh of April. They are so full of light. We asked Ezekiel what question he would ask if he could ask God anything, and he said, "This is weird, but I would ask for a heightened consciousness." Waaat? He reminds me a lot of Levi. Except that he is black and has an amazing fro. They're amazing! 
3. Breanna is still doing so well! And she prayed about a date and it's May 16th! Pray for me that I'll be close enough to come back and be at her baptism! I think it might break my heart if I can't. But such is the mission life :) 
4. This weather! It's such a tender mercy! It's been absolutely gorgeous! 
Anyway, we also had exchanges and specialized training and let me just say, super overload of information! It's been absolutely amazing! We've really talked a lot about VISION and how the only way we limit people is by refusing to believe that they can change. We need to enlarge our visions for the people around us and also for ourselves. Dream big is the biggest cliche ever, but it's so valid. The only way to see things achieved is to first of all, believe that they're possible. 
Also, everyone get excited for BecauseHeLives on the 28th of March! Watch it - and share it! 
Love you guys! 
-Sister Gomez 

 Actually I think this is the only picture from this week. I found this on exchanges. Woo :) 

Monday, March 16, 2015

the amazing gift - to see the way our Father in Heaven works

Hello everybody! 
Two important things! 
WELCOME TO THE WORLD LUCY AIDA BLAKE!!! Aida, she is absolutely breathtaking! And what a perfect time to have a birthday. Easter, springtime, hopeful joy! 
Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK JACOB!!! We are so lucky to have had you in our family for like ... eight years now? Holy moly! 
Oh and also happy Patty's day, people. Wear green! 
Man it has been a marvelous week in the Heartland! We have experienced truly dazzling weather and even more dazzling miracles! To begin ... 
Breanna! She is still doing absolutely wonderfully - she just received her second priesthood blessing and knows without a doubt that the priesthood is real. She came to church yesterday and brought a dish for pot luck afterwards - what a woman! She is also planning to come to the Woman's General Session of conference an hour away in Wichita. Woohoo for being on the right path! 
Also, another wonderful miracle was Alexis! We went to visit the home of a young woman who we hadn't seen in a long time, but she wasn't home. However, as soon as we turned around, we saw a girl sitting on her front porch who greeted us and started chatting with us. We told her about the Book of Mormon, testified of it's truthfulness and she explained to us that she was a senior and that she was a recovering addict but that all she wanted was to be close to God. She was so happy - she told us that she could tell it was true just by how she felt when we talked about it. She asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and accepted an invitation of Baptism for the eleventh of April! Wowie wow :) 
Victoria, the one who, through a texting conversation told us that she knew the Book of Mormon is true, is also doing so well! We asked her if she'd want to be baptized, and she is planning on baptism on the 31st of March! What a woman! 
Finally, a small but also huge miracle from home. I was sitting downstairs this morning just writing in my journal. I wrote "Sister Browning" (my comp) and I got this sudden panic in my gut that was like, "GO UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW, SISTER BROWNING NEEDS YOU!" so I ran up the stairs and into the spare room. She was laying on the floor in her blanket and I was like, "What's wrong, are you ok?" and she said, "I can't really move. I'm really sick. But I just prayed that Heavenly Father would send you back upstairs so I could tell you something." 
It was such an amazing gift to be able to see the way our Father in Heaven works. His hand is in the tiniest details - like when we can't yell or move because we're sick, but we need our companion. God is good! 
Love you all! 
Sister Gomez

1. Me and the Hutch sign ... me in my pday clothes (sometimes I wear tights under my shorts. To be stylish, of course.) 
2. Together :) 
4. Again. 
5. Me and Ashlyn! She's a total sass. Love her. 
6. Me and this incredible lady Jean Wach who is super classy
7. Weekly planning at the church and looooving springtime! 
8. Beautiful Kansas! Is that not just the epitome of this state? 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy as a missionary .... and some added drama

Hello everybody! 
Wow! It's been a week, to be sure. It's been absolutely insane, but aren't they all? One of our investigators, Kelly, was in a pretty scary situation and we were able to help stop it before it got too bad, but any prayers for her are very appreciated! 
Also, this amazing woman, Sarah, who hasn't been to church in a long time because she has severe anxiety and several other health issues finally was able to come! We called her in the morning because she was having a panic attack, but she made it. However, while at church, we were sitting in gospel principles and she collapsed off of her chair! A wonderful member of the world got her home and she got to the hospital and is doing well now, but it was crazy! 
However, all she could say was that she was so happy she was able to come and that next time she REALLY wants to make it to Relief Society :) What a woman! 
Another happy story from the week - Bishop Sant got the records of a new move in, Kristi, so we went over to see her. Apparently she'd been living in Hutch for seven months, but she was happy to see us. She had been wanting to come back to church because she had sunk into a depression and didn't know what to do, but was afraid that she would be judged. We offered to have people come by and see her and she wanted that, and we asked if Bishop could come by and bless her home and she said that she could really use it. She was crying and told us that she had been wanting someone to come by. It was such a powerful witness to me that if we are prepared, the Lord will use us to answer the prayers of people around us! 
Also, Bobbi is doing so well! We've been going through the baptismal interview questions and she knows the Book of Mormon is true and is preparing for baptism. I just hope I'm still here to see it! 
Annnnd drum roll, the highlight of the whole week - DANICA (Duhneeka) WAS BAPTIZED!!! It was an incredibly hectic, beautiful day! Her foster mom had to drop her off, the water heater blew so they nearly got hypothermia, and it all worked out. She was so happy (albeit freezing) :) Also, President Bell showed up and made me just about as nervous as nervous could be. 
Anyway, sorry this week's email was pretty scattered. Love you all! Hope the weather wherever you are is as nice as our has been! 
Sister Gomez

1. Danica's baptism :) 
2. Trying to keep her warm after the baptism! 
3. One more, just for kicks and giggles!
4. Me and a HILL! In KANSAS! 
5. Me and Danica's brothers - so cute! 
6. Me and a tiny chinchilla :) 

Monday, March 2, 2015

part of a snail mail letter and a few emailed dazzling highlights

Hello Hello!
Definitely on a mission I can feel the prayers of the people around me. It's been tremendously uplifting!
I've been studying conversion a lot on my mission so far and the concept of becoming a "new creature".  I've been thinking a lot about the scripture that says "greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend."  That was off memory so it was probably wrong, but I've been really wanting to lay down my life for Christ (not die, obviously) but give it all to Him and become a new creature.
Tali challenged me to seek opportunities to BECOME since this is the best chance I'll ever have, so that's what I've been doing.   So the first thing I've been doing is an in depth study of the commandments - the ones in lesson 4 in PMG.  The first one, my focus for this month, has been obedience.
  I've learned so much, but trying to be concise - my 3 focuses on things with that are :
1. aligning my will with God.  Elder Holland said, about missionary work:  "From the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep, the only thing you should be thinking about is how to save a human soul."  And if that really were the only thing I EVER thought about, my will would be aligned. SO I've been focusing on identifying anything that distracts me from that and giving it to Christ to hang onto.
2. Keeping commitments.  We are commited to do  something by someone in every phone call, mtg.lesson we have and sometimes it gets overwhelming.  However, I realized that I can't say that I'm exactly obedient unless I'm striving to accept and magnify all of them.   So I bought a little notepad to record every committment I receive to hold myself accountable to.  We've already seen miracles from that.  And
3.  NOTHING is enough in this work except love and submission for and to God.  Not the love of the people, my companion, my president, my area. It all crumbles without obedience.
I've seen recently that being a little lax about policies and rules  can lead to tragedy.  (two sisters were just sent home)....  Especially in light of my focus on obedience, the 1st law of heaven, it was such a testimony to me that I am here to do the will of my Father, nothing else and nothing else will compensate.
 My favorite example of this is the very best example. Jesus Christ came to Earth to do the will of the Father.  He came BECAUSE His Father sent Him.  And though He loves us immensely and unconditionally, ONLY HIS LOVE OF THE FATHER and His determination to do His will was enough for Him to complete the Atonement.
   Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the things I've been studying lately. I love personal study time!!  Sorry that went on so long. I just got excited.. hahaha.
Anyway - most days a mission doesn't feel like a sacrifice.  The 2 hardest things are 1. Being away from family and 2. Not holding babies.    If after a year and a half, you all would move here and I could hold babies, I'd happily do this forever :)
I miss my lovely Lake Point!  I miss the ward members.   It's a good thing I love Kansas so much!
I'm really excited for this transfer in Hutchinson (the same area she has been in since October) - I love it here.

Hello everyone!
It's been one crazy week! I'm not even sure where to begin! I'll just sort my thoughts into a few dazzling highlights for this week. 
1. Kelly! Kelly is this amazing girl we met through our zone leaders. They've taught several of her other family members, but she was more than open to talk. We had a lesson with her and were able to challenge her to read some of the Book of Mormon. Well, later that night she texted us and, after opening up to Alma 26, she said she felt like God was directing her. She's changed her career path and came to church the next day, bore her testimony and told us that she knows Christ is in the church and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Jaw droppingly prepared :) 
2. Jennifer and Mia! We found these two beautiful women at an Oxford home for addicts. They are so close to Christ and said they would definitely want to be baptized on the 28th of March. We taught them the restoration and they believed right off that it was true. We showed them the addiction recovery books the church has and they loved them, and we've been texting them scriptures about strength and breaking out of bondage with the help of the Lord. Both of them are amazing women :) 
3. Danica! Danica, as always, is doing really well! We should be having a baptism this weekend! She is so prepared. She loves to do what God wants because she knows it makes her happy and will continue to make her happy. 
Anyway, it's been a busy week! We've seen so many miracles, and also some wonderful snow! That's been fun - also, we were able to see Meet the Mormons for the first time. I was so touched. What a beautiful message! If you haven't gotten the chance to watch it, watch it. I have an itch to affect as many lives as possible for the better after watching that movie :) 
Anyway, love you all lots! 
-Sister Gomez

1. Cookie baking with Danica
2. This is our apartment ... and snow :) I make Sister Browning take lots of pictures in the snow, poor gal. Ha ha ha. 
3. This is our REALLY HAPPY snow picture because it makes me so happy :) 
4. Us and Bobbi's little girls :D Cadence and Ashlyn
5. Us and Kelly at FHE - that she came to and made a dish for! What a woman!