Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy as a missionary .... and some added drama

Hello everybody! 
Wow! It's been a week, to be sure. It's been absolutely insane, but aren't they all? One of our investigators, Kelly, was in a pretty scary situation and we were able to help stop it before it got too bad, but any prayers for her are very appreciated! 
Also, this amazing woman, Sarah, who hasn't been to church in a long time because she has severe anxiety and several other health issues finally was able to come! We called her in the morning because she was having a panic attack, but she made it. However, while at church, we were sitting in gospel principles and she collapsed off of her chair! A wonderful member of the world got her home and she got to the hospital and is doing well now, but it was crazy! 
However, all she could say was that she was so happy she was able to come and that next time she REALLY wants to make it to Relief Society :) What a woman! 
Another happy story from the week - Bishop Sant got the records of a new move in, Kristi, so we went over to see her. Apparently she'd been living in Hutch for seven months, but she was happy to see us. She had been wanting to come back to church because she had sunk into a depression and didn't know what to do, but was afraid that she would be judged. We offered to have people come by and see her and she wanted that, and we asked if Bishop could come by and bless her home and she said that she could really use it. She was crying and told us that she had been wanting someone to come by. It was such a powerful witness to me that if we are prepared, the Lord will use us to answer the prayers of people around us! 
Also, Bobbi is doing so well! We've been going through the baptismal interview questions and she knows the Book of Mormon is true and is preparing for baptism. I just hope I'm still here to see it! 
Annnnd drum roll, the highlight of the whole week - DANICA (Duhneeka) WAS BAPTIZED!!! It was an incredibly hectic, beautiful day! Her foster mom had to drop her off, the water heater blew so they nearly got hypothermia, and it all worked out. She was so happy (albeit freezing) :) Also, President Bell showed up and made me just about as nervous as nervous could be. 
Anyway, sorry this week's email was pretty scattered. Love you all! Hope the weather wherever you are is as nice as our has been! 
Sister Gomez

1. Danica's baptism :) 
2. Trying to keep her warm after the baptism! 
3. One more, just for kicks and giggles!
4. Me and a HILL! In KANSAS! 
5. Me and Danica's brothers - so cute! 
6. Me and a tiny chinchilla :) 

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