Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello everybody! 
Wow, it has truly been an amazing week in Hutchinson! I am dreading the fact that it was also most likely one of my last, but I couldn't imagine any better ways to spend it. We are seeing so many miracles! 
1. Dawn. Dawn (I probably have mentioned her at some point previously, but I can't even remember) is this amazing woman who came to church a few weeks ago and loved it. But then she had work, and then she didn't come one week because she just got so nervous about all the people in our ward who know her past. So we called her and she basically talked herself into coming. And then she LOVED church, signed up to feed us, and introduced us to her nonmember friend who loves us and offered to cut our hair for free (and is a cosmetologist.) Plus they gave us a fridge full of leftovers which we were in dire need of :) So all around miracles! 
2. Alexis and Ezekiel! Oh my word they are so amazing. Alexis is seventeen and he is eleven and both of them want to be baptized on the eleventh of April. They are so full of light. We asked Ezekiel what question he would ask if he could ask God anything, and he said, "This is weird, but I would ask for a heightened consciousness." Waaat? He reminds me a lot of Levi. Except that he is black and has an amazing fro. They're amazing! 
3. Breanna is still doing so well! And she prayed about a date and it's May 16th! Pray for me that I'll be close enough to come back and be at her baptism! I think it might break my heart if I can't. But such is the mission life :) 
4. This weather! It's such a tender mercy! It's been absolutely gorgeous! 
Anyway, we also had exchanges and specialized training and let me just say, super overload of information! It's been absolutely amazing! We've really talked a lot about VISION and how the only way we limit people is by refusing to believe that they can change. We need to enlarge our visions for the people around us and also for ourselves. Dream big is the biggest cliche ever, but it's so valid. The only way to see things achieved is to first of all, believe that they're possible. 
Also, everyone get excited for BecauseHeLives on the 28th of March! Watch it - and share it! 
Love you guys! 
-Sister Gomez 

 Actually I think this is the only picture from this week. I found this on exchanges. Woo :) 

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