Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello everybody! 
First of all, my heart's with the Ellises and Bays this week! I'm very grateful for forever families! 
Well it has certainly been a miraculous week in Kansas! I feel like I say something along those lines every time I write home, but seriously. Miracles are everywhere all the time, and this past week has been especially fantastic! 
First of all, we found four new people to teach this last week and two of them are preparing for baptism on the ninth of May. First there's 
Mark - who is twelve years old, whose parents love us and are super on board for all of it. He said that he feels happy when we talk about the Book of Mormon and the gospel and he is really hoping that baptism can bring him greater happiness because he hasn't had happiness in his life since he was ten and his dad passed away. 
John - who is really awesome. We only met him for a few minutes, but he was like, "Sure I'll definitely read the Book of Mormon, yes I've been wanting to get baptized but only if I know the church is true, sure you can come back, tonight? Tomorrow?" So he's awesome. 
Sabrina. Oh my word. Sabrina. So when she was fifteen or so, her best friend in Idaho introduced her to the personal progress program which she thought was just amazing. So before ever coming to church, she did all of personal progress. Then she started going to seminary EVERY MORNING (dedication, much?) for another year or so. Then, finally, her friend invited her to church and since then she's come every week, gone to mutual and earned her young women's medallion. 
However, her parents are avidly against it. So coming to church has always been insane - she's had the cops called on her dozens of times and been reported as a runaway. For a year she's  been sneaking out to mutual, church, and all of those things. Her dad calls her any number of verbally and emotionally abusive things and has kicked her out on the streets because of it dozens of times. She's had to go through the state to get them to force her parents to let her live there. Finally she's graduating, and so, after all of that, she can finally be baptized. 
OH MY WORD, RIGHT??? She's absolutely incredible. The other day she was crying and told us that she was so exhausted of fighting, but that she knew she could never stop fighting for the gospel. Love, love, love her. 
Anyway, I love you all so much! Hope your week goes grandly. 
Sister Siera Gomez 

1. I random statue we found while walking of two slightly looking children
2. Me and a 5 month old St. Bernard. Nope, not 5 years. 5 MONTH. Camilla, that's for you. 
3. And the fully grown one too. Wowza. 
4. Us and Sabrina :) She tried so hard to keep her eye open haha. 
5. A truly lovely picture of us loving life in a convertible. 
6. Us, just before knocking a stranger's weirdly reflective door. Because how often do you get to see the nitty gritty of mission life in action? Ha ha ha ha. 
7. Pouring rain, even if you can't tell :) My favorite weather to tract in
8. Us like two seconds ago, just so you know exactly what we look like when we email on pday. I think I wear a bun/ponytail on top of my head every single Monday :) 


  1. You are one awesome human, Sierra. Much love.

  2. Well, I'm impressed that you accomplish so much every single week. I appreciate your example and love you to pieces.