Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, April 27, 2015

strong pair of brotherly arms

Hello hello hello! 
Everybody! It has been a wonderful week to be sure! 
So some very important things...
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!! Hopefully it's wonderful, as well as the next day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! 
This week has been incredible. We found six new people to teach, and a bunch of them are really serious.
 A couple of my favorite experiences happened with Mark - I believe I told you a little about him. Him and his mom came for a tour of the church. The spirit was so strong and his mom opened up about some concerns. She says we have "beautiful hearts" and she wants us to visit anytime. Mark really wants to get baptized and says he feels peace when he reads the Book of Mormon. Also, our twelve year old team up, Lucas, after the church tour was over was like, "I can't WAIT to go on a mission!" His mom definitely cried. 
Also, on Sunday afternoon, our ward mission leader asked if we might be able to come with him to pay a visit to a recent convert, Re'nae. We didn't have any solid plans, so we said yes and tagged along. Well, come to find out, her sister, Re'anne (I know ... crazy parents) has since moved in with her, along with Re'anne's daughter, Neveah (Heaven spelled backwards). Are you lost, yet? Anyway, we testified to Re'anne about the atonement and she told us that she's a stripper and her life is a mess, but that she wants to change. She just cried and said she wants to believe God can help her, and that she knows it wasn't a coincidence we came over. 
Also, the ward mission leader had prepared to share Elder Holland's talk from last conference about the "strong pair of brotherly arms" which is perfect, since she said that her little sister, Re'nae is just like that for her. She just couldn't believe we came at such a perfect time with such a perfect message :) It was wonderful!
Anyway, sorry this one's pretty long. Also, I never really know what to put in these! If you have any questions or requests, please let me know!
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez

1. We got french toast cereal and I made a mini peanut butter sandwich. It made me so irrationally happy. 
2. A dog that smelled and looked just like Kallie
3. I got a Kansas sweatshirt from a wonderful member!
4. The coolest clouds I have ever seen. (Then the tornado sirens went off. Hahaha)
5. Us after interviews with President Bell! 
6. Us and the cutest kid ever
7. And another cute kid

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