Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tornado in Kansas!

Hello everybody!! 
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY CARLITO HERMANITO!! I just love your guts. I can't even tell you. So many incredible things are getting ready to happen this year as you embark on the greatest couple years of your life to this point :) 
Second of all, miracles are ABOUNDING in Glen Hills! It's been an amazing week :) 
We were trying to figure out what to do, and we went to try this one potential. He didn't answer, but we were committed to finding one new person to teach that day at least. So we were standing on his porch and all of a sudden this girl appeared across the street. We looked at each other and we were like, "That's her. She's our new investigator." so we went over and knocked on the door. It was Heather, a wonderful fifteen year old who feels lost but felt peaceful when we were talking to her. Woohoo! Accepted baptism and all. 
Then, the next day, everyone was talking about golf ball sized hail and a tornado warning starting at 5pm. Well it was a bit of a storm, but not horrible, so we were still out working. Then, it was getting pretty bad, so we were just going to try a family of investigators and then head back. However, instead we saw Angel and Angela, their next door neighbors, sitting on the porch. We went up and talked to them and the storm around us calmed down. It was actually warm, while we could see clouds and thunder all around. We didn't even get rained on! They told us they knew we were servants of God and that's why the storm didn't fully hit us. They said they will definitely read and pray about the Book of Mormon and baptism. Then, right as we said "Amen" to the prayer, tornado sirens went off! What perfect timing :) The Lord's timing always is. 
Those were two of the biggest. I also had the craziest exchange ever with the amazing Sister Delos Santos! She is so bold and bears just the most powerful testimony. 
It's been so wonderful :) I love you guys so much! 
Sister Gomez

1. A horrible picture of my new zone! 
2. Me and my companion accidentally matching at zone training
3. Exchanges! Waiting for an appointment to show up who we were meeting at a park :) 
4. With Caitlyn, the world's most wonderful recent convert
5. Us and the STL's after exchanges. So fun, but so glad to be back with my companion :) 
6. A moth the size of my fist. 

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  1. Our prayers are with you as always, Love , Bob E