Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, May 25, 2015

I love this wonderful mission!

I really have basically no time at all so this is going to be super short. 
Most importantly, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD, AIDA!!! I love you a lot and hope it's a wonderful day :)
I LOVE Lawrence. I LOVE Sister Gunderson. I LOVE this wonderful mission. 
So this past week was perfect. Also, if you notice that my ability to use adjectives has seriously digressed since coming on a mission, please just ignore it. The abundance of sweet, sick, solid, cool, awesome and fabulous would eventually get to anyone, seriously. 
But anyway, sorry to be super disjointed. Anyway, it was a week FULL of miracles, and then Sunday happened. We'd had five people preparing for baptism and then three of them dropped us. It was only an hour after we had made them breakfast and they were preparing excitedly to come to church. 
Then a bunch of other things happened - we dropped pasta on our skirts, kept whacking our heads into things on accident, made a couple members angry by accident and other such misfortunes. 
However, after we got super down, we humbled ourselves and prayed for help. We needed to find another new investigator and we needed one more person on date to be baptized since those were the goals we'd set. It was 8:40, and we drove to contact a potential who we really felt like we needed to. Well, our potential had moved out, but Erin and her beautiful family had moved in. Now they're preparing to be baptized on June 13th. She wasn't interested at first, but we read Ether 12:27 with her and it touched her heart. Ironically, the very same verse was exactly what Heavenly Father needed us to know as well. 
Oh, also, I went on a wonderful exchange with the wonderful Sister Weaver!! We saw so many miracles - so many that we forgot to take a picture. I love the girls here in the Topeka and Lawrence zones :) There are nine of them, and it's been so much fun to get to know each of them. 
Anyway, this is among the very most disjointed email I've ever sent, which I know is saying a lot. Just know that God loves you, I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Sister Siera Gomez 
1. Me, Sister Gunderson and Elder Capener! Love me some transfer devotionals :) 
2. Saying goodbye to Sister Browning. She went home and it broke my heart. That woman taught me so much. 
3. Saying goodbye to Sister Houston. Luckily she's just in Haysville :) 
4. First week with Gundy!!! We got super duper caught in the rain. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Siera is now a sister leader trainer

Well it's hard to describe to you the number of crazy lovely things that happened this week, but I'll take a stab at it :) 
1. DALLIN AND KATELYN HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN MARRIED TWO YEARS! How marvelous :) I hope your day is celebratory and absolutely lovely. 
2. SABRINA GOT BAPTIZED. After a year and a half of fighting and fighting and doing everything she could and a lot of tears and a lot of struggle, we were able to witness the pure miracle of her baptism. Afterwards, she said, "I feel like I'm floating. Like nothing can touch me. I'm so at peace." and then her friend, Austin, who came said that he wanted to come to our church and that the service touched him a lot. 
3. It rained and rained and rained. And then it flooded. And we played a lot and it was marvelous. 
4. A lot of little daily miracles - just things working out perfectly. 
5. This isn't really a miracle, well sorta, but anyway. Late on Sunday night me and Sister Houston were discussing what we thought transfers would bring. Neither of us got a training call packet or anything out of the ordinary, but we knew one of us was leaving when ALL OF A SUDDEN the mission president called. Which is terrifying since it can only mean one thing if President calls you the Sunday before transfers. 
I got called to be a sister training leader. Waaaaaaaaaaat???????? I haven't trained and I've only been out seven months! Ironically, I have just shifted my focus to be centered on the Christlike attribute of patience, so I guess God is just trying to help me out. I'm not sure if I was coherent on the phone call. I think I made some vague, shocked gargling noises and told him I accepted the call and "But I haven't trained!" and he laughed at me. He thought I was kidding or something. 
BUT are you ready for the REAL MIRACLE is that guess who I get to go be companions with?? 
That's right. We're in for round two :) 
People, God is so good! He knows exactly what we need all the time. I'll dearly miss Sister Houston, but I'll see her in a week at i-pad trainings, so that'll be fun. 
Pray for me, please! I'll need it. 
Love you! 
Sister Gomez

Sorry for the photo overload this week!
1. On our way to zone pday - luau themed :D best day ever 
2. Such fun sisters
3. Me and a truly adorable puppy 
4. Me and a truly adorable kid
5. Sabrina got baptized!!! 
6. Annnd a silly one
7. Our district. Charming Elder Clay is holding his joker knife as if to cause bodily harm. Lovely. 
8. Very much caught in the rain. 
9. Best picture ever. It's pouring rain, the water is nearly to my knees, and Carlos and Naomi and Levi - check out the number on the mailbox :)
10. Our zone training
11. And one more

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day from Kansas

We got a nice card from a lady in Kansas about Siera...   
what a sweet Mother's Day card! 

 It was so nice to talk to Siera - and to see her again :)  She got to see Lucy kind of in person.   
It was a fun family get together... ended in a dance off even! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Two Brandis in one day :)

Hello hello hello! 
So, this week I just want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Meg and Sarah! Hope you both have wonderful days :) 
So everybody. This past week was absolutely fantastic! Among my very favorite highlights was 
MOTHER'S DAY!!! Ahhh my great, beautiful family. I just adore them. I got to see Lucy (people. She's gorgeous.) and Carlos for the last time before he goes on his mission! Also Rosie who is just getting so big and beautiful! 
Anyway, it's been great! We saw a lot of miracles this week. I had the privilege of doing a training for my zone on expecting miracles. He told me to be "Holland-esque" and I really tried. I tried to be full of energy, and it ended up making me really excited. MIRACLES ARE REAL. They certainly have not ceased. I know that as surely as I know anything else. 
One of the miracles from this week was meeting Brandy. She is absolutely amazing and she actually turns out to have a sister in law in the Valley Center Ward (shout out to Jesse!). She said she has been questioning the faith she belongs to and that, if she found out it was true, she wants to be baptized at the end of May. So we're just working on helping her to find and recognize that witness. 
Then, on the same day, we found another new person - Brandi. Yep. Our two new people this week were both named Brandi. In the same day. Weeeird. But anyway, this Brandi is a lovely nineteen year old whose mom is a member. She said she has been wanting to learn more and that she really is hoping to pursue this religion and become part of it. She has so much sincere desire which is rare. 
Also, Sabrina. Guys. I am so blessed to get to meet people out here. I love this lady. We're seeing her today and finishing up her baptism program. She is the best. 
Also, before I end, I just need to say that of all the words I say (and there are so many), none ring truer to me than that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He lives. I never realized just how blessed I was to have been raised on a foundation of Jesus Christ. There is no adequate substitute for Him - His teachings, His gospel, His commandments, or His atonement. I love Him with my whole heart, and I know that He loves you so much! 
Much love,
Sister Siera Gomez
1. Me and my companion accidentally coordinating like we do all the time. We were also both wearing gray skirts. 
2. A fancy car I thought dad might enjoy that reminded me of Little Rascals. I creeper style snatched a picture of it. 
3. Lake Point. Boom. 
4. And the town sign I live in. I know, I should be cutely standing next to it and making some face or something, but alas. I got in in a drive by. 

5. Me and the spider from last week. Such fun. Yes, it's actually real. 
6. Reunited in the rain to see Holland! Love this woman :) 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Using her sign language :)

Hello everybody!
I want to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sister Katelyn. It was such a marvelously lucky day for the Gomezes when you became part of our family :)
Also, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA!! Also happy mother's day to all of the wonderful mothers in my life :) Especially Grandma and Abuelita as well! Love you all!
Well I have a million things to say - it's been a ridiculously wonderful week! Hopefully you guys can bear (bare? What's happening to my English??) with me.
I GOT TO MEET ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND. People. This man is an apostle of the Lord. And not just because he's awesome or charismatic, but because he is inspired of God. he is such a powerful teacher and it was a life changing experience!
I'll try and keep it quick, but to tell you about a few wonderful people...
Sabrina - I've definitely talked about her, but to just add to the incredible human she is. On Friday, Elder Holland had a special conference with the youth. However, she found out that she had a track meet the same day. She told her coach that she had to go see, "An apostle of the Lord." her coach said, "No, you need to go run in my meet." She said, "One of the fifteen men on Earth that God has chosen as an apostle is coming to Kansas!" and he said, "You don't understand! It's a track meet." and she said, "No, YOU don't understand. It's Holland." Ha ha ha ha ha :) Afterwards she said, "Everyone thought I was an investigator!" and she said, "No, I'm a member. I've been a member for a year. I just haven't been baptized yet." :)
Amy - so yesterday after people were just straight up RUDE for hours. Hours, people, of people just really unhappy that we even exist, we met a wonderful woman named Amy. She said she just switched her major to comparative religion because she's trying to find the church that's right for her and that she doesn't think it's a coincidence that we stopped by. We told her about the Book of Mormon and she excitedly took one to read and pray about. Perfect. She also says she and I are like the same person. Which is really nice of her, because she's flipping awesome.
Annnd I think that's about all for now. OH ONE MORE THING. The other night as we were coming home, we saw a woman and we felt like, even though it was almost time to be inside, we needed to go give her a card. So we walk/ran down the sidewalk and got her attention and she signed, "I'm sorry, I'm deaf." So I signed, "Oh, that's ok. Can we give you a card? It has a video about Christ on it." she accepted and thanked us and went on her merry way.
Anyway, I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and tell your moms you love them forever.
Sister Gomez

1.Hey, the only picture I have is a picture of me holding a tarantula. I met these people on the side of the road and they were playing with it and they let me hold it and said I was not at all like they expected a Mormon missionary to be :) Apparently they figured I'd be uptight and terrified of spiders (I totally am.) Camilla's fixing it for me, though, so it should be there soon :)