Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, June 1, 2015

A week of miracles for Siera

Well hello people :) 
It's been a grand, glorious week. 
So shall we begin with some miracles? 
First of all, best week of my mission EVER and it's the week I had the very least amount of time to proselyte. Numbers don't really matter, but by the end of the week we had quadrupled, tripled or doubled standard in almost every indicator. And here I was terrified of being a sister training leader and not having very much time to work! Ha! THE LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES. 
I am trying to be selective about the stories I tell so I don't bog down all of your emails, but, in short, this week was absolutely bursting at the seams with miracles that we in a million years couldn't have seen happen by ourselves. 
I'll start with Janelly :) SO this woman from Mexico City was meeting with the sisters before I came here to Lawrence. She dropped them pretty hard core. Like, "I'm Catholic, I've always been Catholic, please never come back." But the other day we were in her apartment complex and it was time to go home, so we were walking to the car. Then, suddenly, Sister Gunderson spins around and starts walking away and is like, "We're going to see Janelly." So me and our team up, Katie, look at each other like, "What the..." and we go see Janelly. She invited us right in, came to church with her three kids the next day, and is preparing for baptism on June 20th. WHAT THE. And one of the turning points was hearing the story of Carlos and Yolanda Gomez :) 
Then there's Naoma who almost dropped us because she didn't feel like she was getting an answer. Then, out of nowhere, she got super sick. So we had the elders come over and give her a blessing and afterwards she was weeping and said that God was telling her she needed to keep reading and keep asking. She came to church yesterday and asked us when we can come by and tell her what she needs to do to get baptized. WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING. 
Lawrence is a land of miracles. Any more of them would take way too long. It's such a gift and a privilege to have a front row seat to the Marvelous Work and Wonder of Heavenly Father. 
Life is lots different being an STL, but I feel like my whole mission has just gotten better and better and it's not slowing down anytime soon. I love the sisters here and all the mission leaders we get to work with. These zones are on fire, and I can feel the literal hastening and gathering that's happening here in beautiful, beautiful Kansas! Sorry for all the gushing, sheesh. I'll stop, I'll stop. 
Hope you have a marvelous week! CHALLENGE! Invite someone to church this week! Or find someone who really needs it and tell them you love them.
Love you all so much! 
Sister Gomez 

1. After I finished my hot chocolate, this chocolate mustache was left in the bottom of my mug. Pure happiness. 
2. Exchanges with Sister Hansen! Anyone from Stansbury High may very well recognize her beautiful face :) 

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