Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, June 15, 2015


Wow wow wow!
It has been one crazy week. To begin with,
ZONE CONFERENCE!!! We had an absolutely revelatory zone conference. It was so inspiring and helpful and something that I really needed. I'm not even sure what it was exactly that I took from it, just that the spirit was so powerful. I love the Holy Ghost, but it had actually been awhile since I'd had a spiritual experience THAT powerful. Not to mention, Sister Gunderson bore her last zone conference testimony which was emotional, to say the least. And I got to see some of my other faaavorite missionaries, so that was a party. I sang in a musical number, I am a Child of God, which was a party. Even though I'm not the world's greatest singer, having the spirit bear witness to those words is always moving to me.
Then, we had three back to back exchanges. It was crazy. I was with Sister Gelaburt, Hansen and Westwood. All of them are absolutely wonderful, and I learned a lot. Sister Gelaburt is absolutely FULL of passion, Sister Hansen is one of the most on top of it missionaries ever, and Sister Westwood (my MTC companion, for anyone who forgot) is a power house.
Me and Sister Westwood went on exchanges on her birthday. One of my favorite miracles of the week was finding two new investigators and putting both of them on date to be baptized in less than an hour. We had so much fun - we were talking and laughing the whole day.
Then, best part of the whole dang week, FAITH GOT BAPTIZED. Beautiful Faith, nine years old, who has been wanting to get baptized since November, finally got baptized. Then she left the next day to New Mexico for the whole dang summer. So I'm praying she'll come back before I leave this beautiful place. The second best part of the day was that evening as it began to pour rain, a brilliant rainbow appeared. So me and Sister Gunderson took a cute emotional moment to sing "I like to look for rainbows" and ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again :)
I love you all! Watch for those miracles each day and you'll see 'em :)
Sister Siera Gomez

1.Faith's baptism :) :) :) 
2. Our district + Faith. Such a happy day :) 
3. Us and the rainbow that you basically can't see. Haha. 
4. Saying goodbye to Faith :(
5. And of course a real attractive one
6. Some p-day lazy goodness.

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