Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, June 22, 2015

Surrounded by Kansas

Hello everybody! 
I am running really short on time today, so I'll probably do the bulk of my weekly emailing updates as I caption the photos of our many crazy adventures this week. But just a few things before then ..
1. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY YESTERDAY TO DAD :) Also Abuelito, Grandpa, Dallin, Steve and Jacob :) Thanks for being wonderful men in my life! 
2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK AMANDA PANDA! You'll be twenty. Too crazy. 
3. It's been an absolutely ridiculous week. It's been full of totally unexpected twists and turns! I am excited to tell you about the mishaps, but I wanted to share a real quick miracle. 
So the zone has had a push for calling/visiting members and asking them to pray for us to see miracles, and then following up with our members the next day and letting them know what happened. So we had a few member families praying for us, and that night we set up an appointment with a lady, Liz, over the phone who we had never met before. She was really struggling - just having a hard time with depression, anxiety and other health struggled and was on the verge of suicide. It was really a miracle she even set the appointment. Then, as we were praying about the perfect fellowship for her, the name of a lady, Kim, who hasn't been to church in years popped into our head, so we called her and invited her along. 
Well, it turns out that Kim and Liz were long lost besties from a previous job. They were so excited to see each other and we had such a powerful lesson. Kim (hasn't been to church in years) actually invited Liz to come to church and promised to pick her up and bring her. 
Prayer and faith brings miracles! 
Anyway, that was a huge highlight, but another huge highlight is that me and Sister Gunderson get to stay together for one more transfer. What a huge tender mercy :) 
Well, I have just enough time to send photos. Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez

1. Eating chicken on the side of the road because we took the wrong exit and ran out of gas on our way to do role plays with the other sisters in our zone. 
2. Posing with Elder Cota, the kind soul who brought us a gas tank
3. The most accurate, hilarious bumper sticker about Lawrence. Did I mention Lawrence is super green and hilly and full of people who are not at all affected by the surrounding bible belt? It really is like a tiny piece of the rest of the world surrounded by Kansas. 
4. The driveway of a house we contacted. Just to give you a picture of how gorgeous this place is.
5. All the sisters in Topeka. Love these ladies. 
6. This life size beaut was in the house of one of the members I met on exchanges. 
7. We tried to go mulberry picking, since a member told us that his nonmember wife and kids would all be there. We pictured a picturesque scene of bushes and bright, cheery conversation about the gospel. What we got was a mulberry tree whose berries were all on top of this sketchy shed and a family of people who wouldn't even come out and say hi. Haha. So we partied on our own and got enough mulberries to make a mulberry pie. Sister Gunderson just climbed up on the shed. What a woman.

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