Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Book of Mormon is super duper true

Hello hello hello! 
So it's been a fabulous week here in Kansas! We had three days where me and Gundy were feeling really strange. We just had constant head aches and were really weak and tired. Ironically, it was still one of our best weeks ever! So many incredible miracles! 
First of all, the Heatwalls. One of our marvelous member missionaries gave us a referral to go see their family friends. We went over and at first Julie Heatwall, who was there alone with her daughter, Arianna, was pretty firm in her own church but polite. However, after a few minutes she expressed some things she was unsatisfied with about her own church and by the time we got to the first vision, she agreed to meet with us again and consider baptism. The spirit is real :)
We also had this random name on a teaching record from long long ago, Tonya Masem that we've randomly felt the need to keep trying. Finally she was home and her and her husband let us in to talk. She told us that since the very first sisters who she'd loved SO MUCH about two years ago, she hadn't let sisters in again. Until us - and we promised her it was because Heavenly Father knew that she was ready. She asked if we could keep doing bible study and is now considering baptism and committed to reading and praying every day :) What a great lady! 
And finally Naoma!! Remember her? She's so fabulous. We are super excited about her because SHE FINALLY GOT AN ANSWER. She's been reading and praying every day for months and the other day she was praying and read in her bible and then asked for a confirmation that the Book of Mormon was also the word of God, opened her Book of Mormon, and read a chapter that directly corresponded, supported and clarified the chapter she'd read in the Bible. 
So, it turns out that the Book of Mormon is super duper true. 
Otherwise, every day is so good. If you can believe it, I'm getting more emotional. I weirdly lost that for a while, but now everything is just a little more important. Also, the fact that like ... twenty of my favorite missionaries (including Sister Gunderson ahhhhh) are going home real soon is really helping me to realize how very very short this time is and how very very blessed I am to have it. 
I love you all so much! I'm so excited for YOU Carlos to feel all of this in a totally different part of the world. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me :)
In all my excitement about all the people we are teaching I forgot to
mention that I had my first ever MLC and my first zone training where
I actually had to plan and train on a good chunk of it. The MLC was
real good. It took all day but I learned very very much. Mostly I was
just struck in amazement by how very much this mission is not led by a
man but by Jesus Christ.
And zone training was spectacular and PACKED FULL of the spirit. So
much good stuff :) anyway love you much!
Sister Siera Gomez

I have to include her response to my weekly email, where I talked about Carlos going through the temple and his mission date change:  
This is just the cutest email since sliced bread. Carlos is such a studly human. 
Do you realize I haven't done any ordinance in the temple with anyone but you, grandma and grandpa in our family? Sometimes I day dream about the day I can be with everyone in the temple. Seeing my family in white :) Just gives me the chills! 
So it is for sure July 15? That's good though. It's kind of exciting that the time got moved, since that means that God has suuuuper specific purposes in mind. I can't wait until he finds on his mission the number of things that wouldn't have played out just right if he'd come a month earlier. Or probably even before he goes. He'll meet someone or help someone that needed him. I always like super random changes in scheduling like this. Something big always comes of it :) 
I pray for our family a lot as well. I try to pray for everyone by name every day, but sometimes I don't because I always end up crying when I say some of your names. hahahaha :) Such a sap. They're really happy tears. I can't even imagine how it feels to be parents - even just hearing about the good everyone's doing makes me so happy and gets me all emotional. Hahahaha :) Such fun things.

1. Us and the Baltazar children :) 
2. Me and Gundy
Sorry I've been really bad at taking pictures! I'll try to take one of us in Lawrence later today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing mission things !! we love to hear of your events , Bob E