Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunflower season

Hello everybody! 
Two super ultra important things...
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, NOMERS!!!! I love you bunches. Sweet sixteen - can you even believe it??
2. HAPPY MTC ENTERING, CARLOS!!!!!! I can't even believe you're already leaving. Time sure flies when you're having fun! You'll be absolutely incredible. P.s. your email can't be, can it? Surely there's more than one Carlos Gomez. Haha. 
Anyway, this past week was absolutely MIRACLE FILLED. 
To begin with, ANNA GOT BAPTIZED!!! She is absolutely amazing. Last Sunday was fast Sunday, and as we were teaching her the law of tithing and of the fast, she said, "Oh, that makes sense. This morning as I was preparing my kids breakfast, I had the feeling I shouldn't eat yet." She kept taking the initiative to do all these things we're supposed to have to commit people to. Like she asked if she could meet with the bishop, asked if it was ok that she invited all of her friends and family to come, and offered to bear her testimony after her baptism. 
What. A. Woman. 
Also, yesterday night we had to find someone new to teach who would accept a baptismal date. It was 8:47 (I remember because we had call ins at 9:15 and we both looked at the clock and started screaming because we still hadn't found anyone and had no time.) So I took a wrong turn on our way to try a lady we knew, parked and looked up and saw a beautiful lady taking pictures with her kids. We hopped out and went to talk to her. Her name is Sherell (I told her about Cherelle from the Big Canyon ward and how much I love her!) and she has two beautiful kids. She stopped going to her church and for a month has felt horrible not going, hoping to find something else. We invited her to baptism on the first of August (woot woot!) and she readily accepted. 
THEN, our district leader, after we'd called him and talked about our week, challenged us to call someone and invite them to be baptized on a specific date! So we called a lady we didn't know, invited her to be baptized and asked if she'd read the Book of Mormon. She said yes to both! 
Talk about the last minute. We hung up with her just as the clock struck 10:00, which is when we have to stop texting and calling :) 
Oh, also, I got to go on exchanges with the incredible Sister Christensen. She's pretty brand new, but she's the coolest. She's super chill and hilarious and verrrry hard working. I kept taking wrong turns and such silly things. But she was very patient :) 
So yep. Crazy week. And it sounds like I'm not the only one! What a great gift it is to be here in Kansas. On Wednesday Carlos will start his mission and I'll be half way done with mine. What. Craziness!
Love you all!
Sister Siera Gomez

1. Exchanges and the first of the Kansas sunflower season :) 
2. A picture we let two little boys take who really like messing with people's stuff haha. Hence the strange angle. 
3. Anna's baptism!!!!
4. Some days the sky does really cool things.

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