Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, August 10, 2015

An extra nugget from Siera... act as new as I feel :)

So I had written to my missionaries about their friend in the ward, Ryan Robbins, who just got home from his mission and spoke in church yesterday.  I  told her how I loved the meeting, and shared some of what he bore witness of.   This is her response:  

This was so good for my heart. I can hear just from this email how much he's changed. That's so powerful. 
NEAT EXPERIENCE!! I was in Missouri the other day at the Independence Mission home to give them a referral. I looked up at the missionary board and saw "Assistants - Elder Jake Garrick" and I about peed my pants. I left a little note that just said, 'Hey Elder Garrick! Who knew you were an assistant? Good luck! -Sister Siera Gomez (Kansas Wichita Missionary).' I was just so thrilled and touched to see that silly Jake Garrick who was awesome but also kind of a punk is now an assistant and apparently one of the hardest working missionaries they've seen. 
Change is my favorite thing in the world. I used to hate change. I used to resist it with everything in me and I would dread every change that came up. I wasn't excited to go to college. It was in my brain, but not my heart. I dread things so much that I just want them to be over with. I even had some dread to come on my mission. I knew I'd like it, but I hated changing. 
Now I pray every day that I can change some more and that I can help people change and that the missionaries we serve with will change and that all together we can change Kansas and the world. I love love love the way people change. I have this desire to be a fly on the wall of all the people I knew in high school who went on missions because they were all so good but there's this amazing change that happens. And I pray every day that I'll change enough that I'll act as new as I feel. If that makes sense. 
Anyway, love you!

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