Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, August 3, 2015

Birthday Week

Hey family!! 
It's been a crazy week. I left my little notecard with things I needed to say at home, but I'll see what I can remember. 
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO MY FAVORITE OLDER BROTHER IN THE WORLD!! Thanks for all the times you saved my life in Provo. Or scared me to death as a child. You're such a good dad and brother and everything :) 
This week was wonderful. Soooo miracle filled. It's funny how being on God's team really helps in seeing miracles all the time. 
First of all, we are finding young women out the wazoo. It's been so fun. 
We were out walking and met Melissa, a seventeen year old who said at first that she didn't believe in Jesus Christ. I was on exchanges with the beautiful Sister Weaver who whipped out Alma 36:27 and testified of Christ supporting us. She leaned back and said, "Wow. That is powerful." and we asked if she felt something. She said yes, and that she would get baptized if she came to know it was true. Saaaahweeet. 
Then we went to dinner with this lovely family in our ward, the Robinsons, and they had a friend, Parker over. Parker is this gorgeous girl who is super shy and has low self esteem, but when we asked if she wanted to get baptized, she said yes immediately and said she would do what it took to prepare. The Robinsons were so shocked and excited. 
A million other things happened, but probably my favorite thing that happened this week was that Amber (not sure if you remember her - super prepared and then randomly didn't show up to church?). Well we went over to her house to try her and she cried and told us to keep coming back and told Sister Gunderson that she knew she would see her again because Sister Gunderson had people that she hadn't yet seen through to the end. If that makes sense. It was so great. 
Speaking of Sister Gunderson, SHE'S GOING HOME THIS WEEK. Which means we're both pretty heart broken. It's been rough. 
But that also means transfers - a sister I came out with, Sister Jensen (who is fabulous) will be my new companion and I am soooo excited! 
Also, as a side note, my birthday was great!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! The missionaries and members took really good care of me. I got two cakes and balloons and lots of sweets! 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

1. A birthday cake from some of my favorite sisters
2. All our sisters!! Gaaah I love them so much. 
3. Some celebratory behavior :) Check the hats! Thanks to Aida! 
4. The best birthday card since forever. Harry Potter fans, look at this glorious thing. One of the elders who is a huge Harry Potter fan made it for me.

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