Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, August 24, 2015

God is so good!

Hello hello hello!
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESLEY!! I love you a lot and can't believe you're so old!
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLA!!!! I adore you and miss you and think you're so fabulous. Even considering the beef brisket ;)
annnd HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER BROWNING!!! Hope it's a fabulous one and you don't miss Kansas too much!
What a fabulous week it's been! I don't even know where to start!
First of all, one of the biggest miracles I've seen on my mission is the change in the wards I serve in. The members here are so on fire, and they've helped us so much. So for some highlights!
1. We are working with Julie still, who is absolutely amazing. She is so full of light and understanding. We took a tour of the church and identified some concerns and felt the spirit so strongly. She is still coming to our church ... she just wants to come for now as a visitor.
2. WE MET TONI. Oh my word, craziest thing. So we were walking around the lovely streets of Lawrence with pure desperation in our hearts. We needed new investigators and people on date and it was past 8 on a Sunday night. Sound familiar? So we prayed and promised God that we would be courageous and not pass up a single opportunity He gave us. We went to try this one referral and she wasn't home, and the uber-inspired Sister Jensen said we should knock on the neighbor's door. Well, we did, and we met Toni. She is Native American and she loved hearing about the Book of Mormon. We asked if she'd be interested and she said, "I would, actually." she wants the strength and protection it can provide her family. She is praying about being baptized on the 26th of September. We're seeing her again today, so pray for us!
3. We met Arwa, who is Muslim. Such a beautiful human who has always wanted to read the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church with us. The hugest miracle is that the elders happened to have a Book of Mormon in Arabic! Just lying around! So we will be able to give her one :) God is so good!
Anyway, that's all for today. I love you so much and I love this place! The atonement is real! I never realized how much it covers ... everything! Every hard day, every time we barely miss our goals, every time we really miss our goal, the mantra that runs through my head and brings me more joy than anything else is, "Thank goodness for the atonement." Thank goodness!!
Sister Siera Gomez

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