Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, August 31, 2015

So we went in like dare devils :)

Today we went hiking! In Kansas!! Who knew that was even a thing?
Holy cow what a week!
I can't believe it's been a week already. This one just fleeeew by! And it was so full of miracles!!
First of all, the other day we were rushing to a dinner appointment and saw a lady on her back porch. So we didn't have time, but we ALWAYS talk to everyone we see, so we were like, "Hey, how are you?" and she looked all nervous for a minute and then said, "Oh, why don't you just come in for a minute?"
Well, that could mean any number of things, not the last of which to run through my mind being, "Are we about to die?" so we went into her apartment like dare devils and it turns out she has just been wondering for weeks who we were. She took a Book of Mormon and said she wanted to be baptized. She has to quit some things, but she is committed to baptism on the 12th and SO SOLID for it! She came to church with us the next day! :) The beautiful Lorraine!
We also met Katelyn who is so unbelievably lovely. She told us, "Sisters, I can't quit cold turkey, but I want this so badly!" so we asked if she'd be baptized on the 26th and she acted all sad, so we told her we could move it sooner and she was like, "Ok!" So fabulous. She has such an intense desire. She came to church before we'd ever met her with a bunch of member kids that she lives with. What a woman.
We also went on exchanges with two sets of sisters. I was with the beautiful Sister Gelabert and Hermana Nilson. They were back to back, but full of miracles! Hermana Nilson is brand new and a miracle worker to the tee. So humble. And she really recognizes that humility is NOT self hatred and self deprecation, but that humility is confidence - in the Lord! She's only been on her mission three weeks and is learning Spanish, and was totally willing to take over her area with me for a day even though I can't speak Spanish (Working on it, I promise! haha). She did such a good job because she was so sure that the Lord wouldn't let her fall.
What a spiritual giant!
In other news, We have MLC correlation with both sets of zone leaders, MLC, interviews, zone training correlation with both sets of zone leaders, and then two zone trainings this week! Pray for us!
Oh and side note, my companion in the most fabulous ever.
Love you all! Let me know if there's anything/one I can pray for!
Sister Siera Gomez

1. A pretty sunflower field
2. Us and the elders locked out so we sat on a curb
3. Stake p day with district flags!
Sorry that some of these are from weeks previous! I'll do my best to condense the ones I send!
4. Me with this puppy named George. His mom dropped us, but whateva.
5. Me and Sister Mertens on exchanges while Elder Whitaker photo bombs
6. Me and Sister Jensen :) She is fabulous. Sabbath day joy
7. On exchanges with Hermana Nilson and the cutest two girls ever
8. Chicken feet soup
9. Me kissing a frog I caught. Woop woop. Peed all over me.
10. Us and the other cutest girls ever.
11. Me and Sister Jensen HIKING IN KANSAS. Yep. Possible. And actually quite steep. So fun!

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