Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, September 28, 2015

Great zone conference

Hello e'erbody! 
It's been quite a week. A fabulous, inspirational week, to be sure. 
First of all, we had zone conference. 
Then, we had two back to back exchanges. 
Then we had the women's meeting. 
Those were probably the most significant things. I am loving this ward! I have found a bunch of connections to home being here, which has been so fun. 
Zone conference was perfect. It was nice to hear that Carlos was having a zone conference a the same time. Made him feel a little closer. It was a great meeting, though. We talked a lot about how to unite with members and also building faith and relying on the atonement. President Bell is just ... so incredibly inspired. And he loves us all so much. Us and the zone leaders also got to do this great role play where I was a fifteen year old girl named Allison. I chewed gum and threw my sister under the bus for dating a scandalous guy. It was so fun. 
Then at the end of zone conference, President and Mama Bell did a Q&A session about relationships and building strong families because they know it's their responsbility to help us be prepared. It was wonderful - the first thing that happened was a missionary raised his hand and said, "Tell us how you met!" and Sister Bell flushed and was like, "The supply closet in sixth grade. The rest is history." 
Haha. It was great. 
Then the women's broadcast was SO NEEDED. What powerful messages! Especially President Uchtdorf's at the end. It meant the world to me. 
Also, I had the chance to go on an exchange with Sister Southwick and Sister Wade and they both were absolutely amazing missionaries. It's been so fun to get to know the sisters here better. I don't write as much about that, but some of the greatest miracles I've seen on my mission have been missionaries progressing and becoming converted themselves to Jesus Christ. Miracles, miracles, miracles! 
I hope you know I love and pray for you often! 
Love you! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pushed pause for a bit... but back with Sister Houston

Well first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND LEVI!!! You are such a brilliant, wonderful, kind, talented human being and I can't believe you're turning fourteen. I consider it such a privilege to be your sister! 
Hello everybody :) 
It's been one heck of a week. Of course, transfer week is always crazy, but it's significantly crazier when you're surprised! So it was nuts. But it's been really fun. 
We have already seen some sahweeet miracles. We also had the utmost pleasure of volunteering for this race thing put on by the Kyrie foundation which (we found out after we got there and put on the free t-shirts they gave us) supports research and funding for pediatric brain cancer. It was so much fun. Basically we cheered for the runners in the race and told them not to go the wrong way (which was blocked by cones, anyway, so it was pretty useless.) We also got to do the warm up zumba routine. Which was the best. 
Some other fabulous highlights:
1. I'M WITH SISTER HOUSTON AGAIN. First I got Sister Gunderson again, and now Sister Houston! It is sooo nice. Which is crazy, since me and Sister Houston served about twenty minutes from here. So it sorta feels like we just pushed pause, and now we pushed play again. 
2. We had Wichita stake conference!! Madness, considering the fact that last Wichita stake conference I was in Hutchinson which is in this stake, and that was the day I saw Tali. And now I'm back :) Best thing ever though, and I got to see some of my favorites from Hutch
3. Miiiiiracles! I just wanted to share a couple of the best ... 
First there was Chelsea, who we met just before we had to go in at night. We like to call it the fourth quarter of the night :) We promised Heavenly Father that we would find a new investigator and help them to accept a baptismal date, but Sister Houston is pretty new here, and I'm VERY new here, so we had no idea where to go (plus, I left my GPS in Lawrence and Sis. Houston doesn't have one.) But miracle of miracles, I recognized a trailer that I'd been to seven months ago on exchanges here. So we knocked the door and the lady remembered me, let us right in, and told us it was her birthday and that it had been horrible. We testified that that was the reason God sent us, to show her a way to improve her life. She accepted a baptismal date for Oct :) 
Then, we called a random name in our phone who neither of us knew named Cara. She said she had met the sisters once but that she would be willing to meet with us again. She told us that at the moment, her uncle had passed away, but she would call us later. We talked to her a little bit about the plan of salvation and the peace that Christ could bring. She put us on speaker so her whole family could hear and asked us to repeat what we said for them. Then they thanked us and asked us to please call them back :) 
Anyway, it's getting really long so I'll forego on the others, but it's been miraculous here in the great land of Maize! 
Hope you have a fabulous week! Love you!
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, September 14, 2015

Unexpected transfer this week

Well folks this one will be suuuper quick, but I'll try to say all the necessary things!
First of all, this was an insane week! Then, the zone leaders sent out a challenge on Sunday to go out and help two people to accept a baptismal invitation for a specific date. And then, just because they can, they sent us a separate text and said that they instead challenged us to put THREE people on date. We, of course accepted right away and went looking for miracles!
First of all, we met Morgan. She is this incredible girl who was like, "I've just been so lost and I love studying other religions and I was just about to move on to Mormon and now you're here!" and we testified that it wasn't a coincidence, gave her a Book of Mormon ("Really, I can keep this? And just read it for myself?") and invited her to be baptized on October 3rd. SHE SAID YES!! Woop woop!
So then we had two more people that we knew God would provide that would accept baptismal dates. We were knocking and talking to members and asking them about their neighbors. Finally, with ten minutes left of the night and an INSANE need to use the bathroom, we knocked on Sandra's door, one of our investigators who has been pretty adamant about not setting a date.
Well, she talked about everything from the pope to demons to life after death and just went on and on about crazy religions and we asked if she wanted to find peace and answers instead of confusion and darkness. We promised her that she would if she would read the Book of Mormon, she committed to and her AND HER DAUGHTER accepted baptismal dates for October 17th.
The Lord provides every time.
Anyway, that was one day. It's been a great week. Next week I'll be back in Wichita in the Maize second ward. I'll be back with the WONDERFUL Sister Houston! It came as a bit of a shock - Lawrence has come to be home to me more than I can even express. But, "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord!" I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful!
Love you all!
Sister Gomez

1. Me and this rad lizard. We were helping our saaahweet investigator move.
2. Us today emailing with the zone leaders and being sad that I'm leaving
And the rest I'll send from the ipad!

Monday, September 7, 2015

I had to give up a lot of stuff... so worth it

Hello everybody! 
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELY SISTER RACHEL GUNDERSON!! Thanks for changing my life :) 
Well it was one of the craziest weeks of my whole life! But I loved it very much. 
some highlights ...
Two zone trainings! Both were excellent! The missionaries loved them and we got a lot of excellent feedback. I learned a lot from both. 
MLC! Very inspiring. Our meeting is from 9-4 which is apparently crazy longer than a lot of other ones in other missions. It goes by fast, though. Plus Sister Bell got us chick-fi-le :) 
We also had interviews with President Bell! Holy guacamole he is fantastic! I love President and Sister Bell more than I can even express, and it's amazing how much it's easy to feel when they're around that they love us SO MUCH! 
Also, a fabulous miracle happened. We were talking to Katelyn, one of our investigators, and she mentioned that she wasn't sure this was for her because of the things she'd have to give up. Well, we were with our fabulous member and she was like, "Before I got baptized, I had to quit smoking. And I had to give up a lot of stuff, but it was worth it." and we read 1 Nephi 8 about Lehi's dream and Katelyn cried and said she felt something so powerfully and needed to get baptized after all! It was amazing! 
Also, Anna (remember that one incredible human who got baptized a bit ago?) She stood up on Sunday and bore her testimony about the patience of the Lord and how grateful she is to be in His true church! Holy cow! I was so excited! 
Anyway, sorry if this one was a little boring. It was a great week. 
Hope you're all doing very well! Hope you have a wonderful week! Love you! 
Sister Siera Gomez

1. Us and the whole group at interviews including the marvelous A.P.s
2. Me and Pres Bell
3. a couple from MLC