Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, September 14, 2015

Unexpected transfer this week

Well folks this one will be suuuper quick, but I'll try to say all the necessary things!
First of all, this was an insane week! Then, the zone leaders sent out a challenge on Sunday to go out and help two people to accept a baptismal invitation for a specific date. And then, just because they can, they sent us a separate text and said that they instead challenged us to put THREE people on date. We, of course accepted right away and went looking for miracles!
First of all, we met Morgan. She is this incredible girl who was like, "I've just been so lost and I love studying other religions and I was just about to move on to Mormon and now you're here!" and we testified that it wasn't a coincidence, gave her a Book of Mormon ("Really, I can keep this? And just read it for myself?") and invited her to be baptized on October 3rd. SHE SAID YES!! Woop woop!
So then we had two more people that we knew God would provide that would accept baptismal dates. We were knocking and talking to members and asking them about their neighbors. Finally, with ten minutes left of the night and an INSANE need to use the bathroom, we knocked on Sandra's door, one of our investigators who has been pretty adamant about not setting a date.
Well, she talked about everything from the pope to demons to life after death and just went on and on about crazy religions and we asked if she wanted to find peace and answers instead of confusion and darkness. We promised her that she would if she would read the Book of Mormon, she committed to and her AND HER DAUGHTER accepted baptismal dates for October 17th.
The Lord provides every time.
Anyway, that was one day. It's been a great week. Next week I'll be back in Wichita in the Maize second ward. I'll be back with the WONDERFUL Sister Houston! It came as a bit of a shock - Lawrence has come to be home to me more than I can even express. But, "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord!" I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful!
Love you all!
Sister Gomez

1. Me and this rad lizard. We were helping our saaahweet investigator move.
2. Us today emailing with the zone leaders and being sad that I'm leaving
And the rest I'll send from the ipad!

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  1. Siera, you will be happy any where the Lord puts you! I love the story of all three committing to baptism just like that! Elder Ballard spoke to us at our regional conference yesterday and really told us to be spiritually feeding ourselves. He used the story of the Sequoia tree at BYU that died when they built the new life science building. The aquifer shifted and it lost it's source of water. We have to be feeding our spirits daily with prayer and scripture study, or we, like the Sequoia tree, will die.