Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, October 26, 2015

Children are the best missionaries!

Hello everyone! 
I've realized that my weekly emails are getting steadily more and more lame.
Ok so the transfer document came out this morning! I'm staying for another transfer in Maize with Sister Houston! She is so great. We are definitely rooming together after the mission. We will also have a third sister, the lovely Sister Mertens! 
By the way, for anyone who hasn't followed my sporadic updates, I went from Hutch to Glen Hills to Lawrence and now to Maize. My companions were Sister Engebretsen, Sister Barrera, Sister Gunderson, Sister Moser, Sister Browning, Sister Houston, Sister Gunderson (again), Sister Jensen, and now Sister Houston (again) and Sister Mertens! 
So yep, there's my mission so far in a nutshell :) 
Anyway, this past week was glorious! It's turning into fall, and miracles are falling as quickly as the leaves! 
I just wanted to talk about one of the BEST miracles of this past week! We went to do a service project for one of my FAVORITE ladies, our lovely recent convert Cora. I need to get pictures of all the sweet recent converts in this ward. They're amazing. 
But anyway, we went and her daughter was there who hasn't come to church or thought about it or anything. Sister Houston and I were helping her in the garage and started talking to her about her life. She told us that she has been through a lot (and sheesh, she really really has) and that she has never found a church that felt right. We asked how she'd felt at her mom's baptism and she said that she felt something she had never felt before. She also mentioned that ever since, her mom had been a completely different person. 
Well, hello PERFECT opportunity! So we testified that it was because it was true, that her mom was so different because of the gift of the Holy Ghost, and asked if she wanted that. Well she said YES and is committed to church. Plus she's bringing her other friend who also feels lost. Her name is Betty. Wooooohooo!
Oh and one more miracle that just makes me so happy. SO Sunday comes around and it's the PRIMARY PROGRAM (the very best Sunday, clearly.) Well a whole family of nonmembers walks in and sits next to our ward mission leader's family. Turns out that their five year old, Alice, invited her friend to come and watch her perform. After sacrament meeting, she was like, "Do you want to come with me to class?" and the parents were like, "Not this week, Alice, we weren't prepared." and Alice was like, "Oh, that's ok! You can leave, and she can stay with us!" Also, picture her with a thick lisp and she also can't say her r's. SO great. 
Three cheers for children who are the best missionaries. 
Anyway, sheesh, sorry these have all been so long! 
I love you all to pieces! 
Sister Gomez


We matched
This is me and all the sisters I came out with :) Look at how we've grown! 
a few more of us at the zoo

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  1. You are so involved they won't let you quit !!! love ya, Bob E