Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, October 19, 2015

One year ago this week

Hello everybody!
Well it's been a crazy week! 
It's really weird, because from now on, I have less than six months of my mission. and I still feel SO BRAND NEW. And I've just been thinking about all of the experiences I've had on my mission and how different I've become.
A year ago I'd been in the field for four days and I didn't know left from right. I was scared and excited and more exhausted than I'd ever been. 
Well, not much has changed there. I'm not as scared - I'm about ten times as exhausted as I was then, but I'm also much more energized somehow, and I'm even more excited :) I think the most glorious thing about this gospel is eternal progression - I have been happier every transfer. I have loved every area more than the last. I'm just so pleased. 
Ok, stepping off my soap box :)  
This week was crazy hectic! Lots of miracles happened, but my brain is blanking on them. So I'll just tell you about the one thing I can remember from last week, since I spent mostly all of my time thinking, praying, planning and preparing for it - 
It was so fun! All the sisters from the mission came down for it! I was hoping more of them would have sent out their weekly emails by now, since I feel like everyone took pictures except me,  but alas. I'll send out the group ones though. It was so nice. We did zumba (best thing ever.) and then we heard from this amazing woman, Tracy Lahem, from FORTWORTH (I told her about Tali and she was like, "Oh cool, I'll be sure to tell President Ames!" and she was amazing!!! She told us her conversion story. Some highlight quotes: "Relief society, visiting teaching, primary, young women's, seminary - do you know how impossibly lucky you are? I lived forty years of my life without these things - so don't ever drag your feet or think they're burdens! You are so privileged!" 
"I am here because I believe it. Not because it's a blast. Nothing matters except that it's true."
"We must procure, protect and preserve our testimonies. I do not choose to expose my testimony to things that would hurt it. Because if you go looking for things to tear down your testimony, you will find them. If you look for things to build your testimony, you will find them. You always find what you're looking for." 
Then the best thing - she went to a doctor, and he found out she was Mormon and started trying to convince her that she was going to hell. #BibleBelt. She didn't want to discuss that with him at a clinic, so she finally said, "Well, sir, that's the beauty of my religion. In yours, I'm going to hell, but in mine, you're going to heaven." 
Hahaha :) 
Anyway, this is ridiculously long, so I'll close on that note. 
Love you all! 
Sister Gomez

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