Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, October 12, 2015

The gospel changes EVERYTHING

Hello everybody! 
First off and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALI!!!! I hope it is full of Taylor Swift's 22 and exciting wedding plans!
This week has just been so fun. That's all I have to say about it. 
Monday we had pday - always a good time. 
Tuesday we had the most wonderful specialized training ever from 1-4. 
Wednesday we had mission leadership council from 9-5. 
Thursday we had district meeting from 11-2:30, and then we coordinated, coordinated, coordinated to prepare for ...
Friday, when we had two zone trainings to plan, train at, and attend. 
Though there were many meetings, they were FABULOUS and really helped in our missionary efforts. We found five amazing miracle people this week who are so prepared to hear the gospel. I wanted to share about one of them. 
So there is this sixteen year old girl who hasn't progressed at all. Her dad is a less active member who the elders have been trying their darndest to work with. 
Well they sent us over to try her, and we went inside and it was a night and day difference! She had five minutes, but she told us she'd cut some of the horrible influences out of her life, and the only reason she hadn't gotten baptized before was a lack of commitment and that she was ready now and asked when she could get baptized. We were so shocked, but also incredibly excited, and we were laughing and just connected so well. I love her. She said that we are her favorite missionaries she's ever met :) Also, she reminded me of Naomi. So there's that! 
Also, I got to go and see Jean, my first baptism almost a year ago. She is in the hospital. They don't think she'll make it much longer, and it was really devastating. She has a horrible memory and doesn't remember most of the missionaries that have been there, but she saw my face and started crying. She could hardly speak, but we had a really sweet time. I promised her that Heavenly Father loved her. She kept apologizing and I told her He was proud of her, and she cried a lot. I'm just so grateful for the gospel. It means everything. Not just as a band-aid to soothe the hurt, but because it changes EVERYTHING. It changes the meaning of death and sickness and reunions and goodbyes and hello's and endings. Everything is different because of God's eternal plan and that fills me with peace that isn't my own.
Anyway, I love you all so much! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Pictures from MLC

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