Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 30, 2015

two Gomez girls - both excited for December 19th!

Wowie wow wow ... I was thinking about what happened this week, but I feel like it'd be easier to answer what DIDN'T happen this week. 
First of all, Thanksgiving was a blast!
I got to see Tali, which was really fun. Weird how normal it was ... like she was just chilling in Kansas. Except now I'm an awkward missionary. Plus we ate DELICIOUS food - the Newmans are incredible cooks, and just the easiest people to be around. It was so great. 
In other news, my poor companions were still pretty sick, so they weren't allowed to be out in the cold or Sister Houston's bronchitis would turn into pneumonia. So I went on a couple team ups each day and just went to town, doing everything I could to hit our goals. Our team ups were such troopers - just willing to go to a million different houses of a million different people they'd never met. 
There were only a few hours each day to actually proselyte, but this week ended up being the best week we've had since I got to this area! It was amazing! 
Two of the CRAZIEST miracles, for your viewing pleasure:
1. I was with this fabulous YSA member, Jessamyn, and she said, "I feel so bad - everything seems to go wrong when I go on team ups with the missionaries!" and I told her that the craziest miracles always happen in the last second, and that we would find someone. Well we had ten minutes left and she suggested we start heading back to the apartment to meet my companions and head to dinner, but I asked if we could try one more person. So we went and met Cathy who is AMAZING. She had seen missionaries before and the first words out of her mouth were, "Are you guys from that church on 29th street? I've been meaning to call you. Do you have services I could come to?" and the next day was Sunday and she CAME! We went to meet her in the morning and she was dressed and ready when we got there! 
2. We met this lady who is AMAZING the last few minutes we had to proselyte Sunday night. We went out to find one more person to talk to, and the first house we knocked on we met June! She LOVES Mormons, LOVES genealogy, has family that came across on the plains and has a bunch of ollld, beautiful Book of Mormons already. Also has a bunch of Mormon friends she's loved over the years. The only thing she's missing is baptism. But on December 19th, she's committed to fix that! Holy guacamole, where do these people come from??? 
Anyway, it was a wonderful, WONDERFUL week! So many miracles have been abounding. 
Have a happy December everyone! 
Love you! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Tali in Kansas! Last time I'll see her single!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lots of ER visits

Hello family and friends :) 
Well it's been a CRAZY week. I feel like I say that always, but here's a little glimpse...
Monday - pday
Tuesday - went to our other zone (about half hour away), Derby to drop off a treat for one of our sisters who was sick. I ended up splitting with her companionship and taking her to an ER in Ark City (an hour and a half away) and then another ER in Wichita (another hour drive, plus a half hour home.) She's fine, but it was a long day, and we had five sisters crashed at our house that night. 
Wednesday - Sister Houston got really sick and Sister Bell ordered her home for the day. 
Thursday - We had INTERVIEWS WITH PRESIDENT BELL which were such a highlight :) He is so good. Minus the part where Sister Houston was crashed asleep on a couch for all of interviews. The nice AP's dragged her in a couch and we brought her a pillow and a blanket. The rest of the day we spent inside. 
Friday - finally took Sister Houston to Urgent Care. They told her she would have pneumonia if she didn't rest. 
Saturday - Sister Mertens also felt super sick. So I was busying myself with making hot tang for throats, immune system builder packets in water, food since neither of them felt like cooking, phone calls to cancel all of our dinners, etc. 
Sunday - Took Sister Mertens to Urgent Care. 
BUT in the midst of it all, through some splits with members and what not, we actually saw a TON of miracles. 
Angelica, who is WONDERFUL, still wants to be baptized. We were stressing, because she lives forty five minutes away and we were inside all day, but it turns out that a FABULOUS recent convert in her area happened to know her and found out she was investigating. So he messaged her on facebook, and he and his girlfriend took her to church without us even knowing until they texted us! 
God is so good :) 
Anyway, that's all for today. Sorry it's scattered and drawn out. 
HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!! Hope it's splendid!!!! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, November 16, 2015

God is so aware of His children !

Hello everybody! 
Ok so first of all, 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK ELI!!! Hope you have a great day :) 
Second of all, it's been a wonderful week! 
First of all, I had the honor of going back to Hutch (my very first area) to speak at a funeral for Jean Talbot. For those of you who may not remember, she was my first baptism last December. I got to meet and see a bunch of her family members who thanked me and said they loved the message. It was really emotionally exhausting, but just after that, we met a potential investigator who is suuuuper prepared named Angelica. She said she knew that God needed her to be baptized and she was willing to do whatever it took to get there. 
Second of all, I had the other honor of going to El Dorado, a branch about forty minutes away, to do a training with Sister Bell ... just because she randomly asked us to :) It was so fun. She took us to Freddy's and then afterwards we got drinks. So we had a really fun time with the Relief society ladies there. 
Now a fun story! 
So I had the other honor of speaking in sacrament meeting. Saturday night, however, I had prepared a talk - or at least an outline. Sunday morning, I felt like I had to change the whole thing. It was pretty stressful, but I changed it. I figured it was for our investigator Angelica who was coming. 
Anyway, I get to the ward, and PRESIDENT AND SISTER BELL WALK IN. They just felt like they needed to be there that day, I guess.
So anyway, I gave my talk freaking out, and Angelica didn't even come. It was just a bunch of members and President and Sister Bell. So I was like, "Great. That was terrifying because President Bell is here and pointless." 
Well then I saw a lady I didn't know, so I went over and she was talking to President and Sister Bell. She's from Salina, which is a ways away, and she just so happened to come to our little YSA ward with her friend from Utah. She is actually a Lutheran, but has been questioning her faith. Apparently, the message I shared answered her questions. Then, meeting President Bell (who is literally the most bold, powerful missionary in the world) also solidified things. She left the building crying and saying, "I'm supposed to be a good Lutheran but I'm here and I'm so happy." and her friend from Utah, who had just felt a few days before like she needed to reach out to her about our faith was crying as well. President Bell said, "No wonder we felt we needed to come here today." 
So anyway, WHAT A MIRACLE. God is so aware of each of his children. I can see Him just getting so excited, "Yes ... ok ... and if she's asked to speak on this, she'll use this quote from this general authority which will be the right one ... ok and now if President Bell shows up, he'll be the one to introduce himself and invite her to be baptized no matter what ... hm ... it's a little out of the way, but they can just go to that random meeting in Wichita ... ok, perfect." BAM ... miracle happens. 
Anyway, that was a testimony builder for sure :) 
Love you all! Have a fabulous week!
Sister Siera Gomez

Sister Bell is hilarious and thought it would be great if we got a
picture coordinating in the president's office

Our recent convert came to an activity! Sabrina!

Monday, November 9, 2015

weddings, baptisms, funerals, training meetings....

Wow ... it's been a FABULOUS WEEK! 
Tons of miracles have been abounding, especially considering the fact that it was MLC week again, and if you have been reading my emails the last five months, you'll know how that goes. 
Basically we spent the bulk of our week in meetings with zone leaders to coordinate for MLC, in MLC, in meetings with the zone leaders to plan zone trainings, or actually at zone trainings. 
In the meantime, miracles fell from the sky in any of the tiny bits of time we did have. 
We also had a stake youth activity where they went on team ups with the missionaries and Rachel came with us, and she was amazing! Since we are in a trio, we were able to do splits, and during the hour she and Sister Houston were together, they found a new investigator and taught two lessons to investigators with a member present. Meanwhile, Sister Mertens and I talked to a bunch of cool new people. 
One of the people that they found on that team up was named Bianca. She is INCREDIBLE. We went back for our return appointment, and her, her boyfriend TJ, and TJ's mom all sat in and talked with us. They said that they knew this was the will of God and TJ said that he actually had grown up with some amazing Mormons (he actually said Normans, but who's listening that close?) and that they were some of the best people he knew. Turns out that now they're in the NFL. He texted them and was like, "Man, they're gonna be so excited that you're here teaching us!" and we asked them about baptism and all three of them were SO excited. 
His mom giggled and said, "You can have a baptism and then a wedding that evening!" and we laughed and explained that they would have to be living the law of chastity before baptism, and so TJ said, "Ok, how about a wedding and then the baptism?"
AHHHHH what a prepared group of humans! The spirit was so strong and we cannot WAIT to throw a wedding and then have a baptismal service. 
In other news, our investigator Nikki who used to do this fun thing where she didn't progress, is now PROGRESSING SO WELL. She has almost entirely quit smoking, and it was quite an addiction. She wants to be baptized so badly. 
Haha ... annnyway. Aside from weddings and baptisms and cigarette snatching, it's been an intensely busy week. I LOVE busy weeks when getting into bed is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as waking up the next morning to go again. Yeesh, that sounded cheesier than I'd intended. 
Anyway, on one very devastating note, my recent convert Jean passed away this week, which was really difficult. I have the honor of going back to Hutch to speak at her funeral, though, so I'm grateful for that opportunity. Luckily, right after I found out, the zone leaders zipped over and gave me such a powerful blessing. It was so inspired, and left me thankful for the priesthood in my life. 
Anyway, hope everyone has a great week! Invite a friend to church! 
No, seriously. Do it. 
Sister Gomez

Chalk doodle I made while trying to stay on task coordinating

Monday, November 2, 2015

An apostle visits !

Hello everybody! 
I have this itching feeling that I'm missing some important event this week to shout out, but I can't remember, so, if so ... my apologies! 
My brain is completely blanking on this week. Transfers'll do that to you. Haha ... so can I take an entire email to just GUSH about how Elder Stevenson was so incredible and one hundred percent a prophet of the Lord? 
Ok, so for anyone who wasn't aware, Elder Gary E. Stevenson came and spoke to our mission on Saturday merely six months after Elder Holland came. Who came merely a year or so after Elder Bednar came. Seriously. Things are happening in Kansas. 
So anyway, I said the opening prayer at the meeting, so when he did the meet and greet with the rest of the missionaries, I was still sitting in the stands. We (the chorister and I) finally, at the very end, got up the guts to go around and shake his hand. Well he thought he was finished and then we appeared and he jumped and was like, "Oh! Where did you come from? No wonder we were waiting here! We were waiting for you!" and everyone laughed and we should his hand and it was awesome. 
Anyway, he changed everything as he spoke. He talked about visions and controlling thoughts and distractions and extending Christ centered invitations. But the best thing was his whole presentation. he got up to the pulpit and said, 
"How many of you were here when Elder Holland came?" 
A bunch of us raised our hands, and he said, "Oh dear!" and we all laughed, and he continued, "You'll never again hear an apostle say to lower your expectations, but for now, LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS! Please!" we all died laughing. Then he said, "Can you imagine being called to the quorum of the twelve apostles? Think of Elder Holland! Think of Elder Bedar! President Uchtdorf!" and then he had all the new missionaries raise their hand and he said, "I literally know exactly how you feel. No, never mind, I can't even give you empathy, because I guarantee you'll get over your anxiety about your new calling much sooner than I get over mine." 
Anyway, it was the perfect way to begin, and then he went on to testify of how it felt to truly be qualified by the Lord and how it is so important for us to focus more on what we CAN do than what we CAN'T. And he told us how it felt to have the prophet look you in the eye and say, "The Lord qualifies those whom He calls!" and then asked us to try to feel that same way. 
What a wonderful reminder :) 
The most lovely thing, though, was that I had prayed about a question to bring to the meeting and it was controlling my thoughts to make sure they're always filled with the BEST things I can be thinking about, instead of just good and better. So anyway, he was talking about speaking a foreign language, and then he randomly said, "I feel inspired to go back and talk about obedience. Part of obedience is controlling our thoughts. It can be really hard to understand how...." and then proceeded to perfectly answer my question. I'm sure many other missionaries needed to hear it, but it was a perfect testimony builder that Heavenly Father knows ME and sent an apostle of the Lord to answer my question ... and I know that the 200 other questions in that room were answered as well. 
Anyway, there truly have been so many other miracles that I'll try to catch you up on next week, but that was certainly the highlight. 
I love you all! Life is so good here in Kansas! Fall is here which has been magical, and Sister Houston and Sister Mertens have been fabulous companions! 
Hope you have a love/happiness/joy filled week! 
Sister Siera Gomez
We went on exchanges and the next morning we came back together and
these were our outfits. What the.......