Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lots of ER visits

Hello family and friends :) 
Well it's been a CRAZY week. I feel like I say that always, but here's a little glimpse...
Monday - pday
Tuesday - went to our other zone (about half hour away), Derby to drop off a treat for one of our sisters who was sick. I ended up splitting with her companionship and taking her to an ER in Ark City (an hour and a half away) and then another ER in Wichita (another hour drive, plus a half hour home.) She's fine, but it was a long day, and we had five sisters crashed at our house that night. 
Wednesday - Sister Houston got really sick and Sister Bell ordered her home for the day. 
Thursday - We had INTERVIEWS WITH PRESIDENT BELL which were such a highlight :) He is so good. Minus the part where Sister Houston was crashed asleep on a couch for all of interviews. The nice AP's dragged her in a couch and we brought her a pillow and a blanket. The rest of the day we spent inside. 
Friday - finally took Sister Houston to Urgent Care. They told her she would have pneumonia if she didn't rest. 
Saturday - Sister Mertens also felt super sick. So I was busying myself with making hot tang for throats, immune system builder packets in water, food since neither of them felt like cooking, phone calls to cancel all of our dinners, etc. 
Sunday - Took Sister Mertens to Urgent Care. 
BUT in the midst of it all, through some splits with members and what not, we actually saw a TON of miracles. 
Angelica, who is WONDERFUL, still wants to be baptized. We were stressing, because she lives forty five minutes away and we were inside all day, but it turns out that a FABULOUS recent convert in her area happened to know her and found out she was investigating. So he messaged her on facebook, and he and his girlfriend took her to church without us even knowing until they texted us! 
God is so good :) 
Anyway, that's all for today. Sorry it's scattered and drawn out. 
HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!! Hope it's splendid!!!! 
Sister Siera Gomez

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