Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 30, 2015

two Gomez girls - both excited for December 19th!

Wowie wow wow ... I was thinking about what happened this week, but I feel like it'd be easier to answer what DIDN'T happen this week. 
First of all, Thanksgiving was a blast!
I got to see Tali, which was really fun. Weird how normal it was ... like she was just chilling in Kansas. Except now I'm an awkward missionary. Plus we ate DELICIOUS food - the Newmans are incredible cooks, and just the easiest people to be around. It was so great. 
In other news, my poor companions were still pretty sick, so they weren't allowed to be out in the cold or Sister Houston's bronchitis would turn into pneumonia. So I went on a couple team ups each day and just went to town, doing everything I could to hit our goals. Our team ups were such troopers - just willing to go to a million different houses of a million different people they'd never met. 
There were only a few hours each day to actually proselyte, but this week ended up being the best week we've had since I got to this area! It was amazing! 
Two of the CRAZIEST miracles, for your viewing pleasure:
1. I was with this fabulous YSA member, Jessamyn, and she said, "I feel so bad - everything seems to go wrong when I go on team ups with the missionaries!" and I told her that the craziest miracles always happen in the last second, and that we would find someone. Well we had ten minutes left and she suggested we start heading back to the apartment to meet my companions and head to dinner, but I asked if we could try one more person. So we went and met Cathy who is AMAZING. She had seen missionaries before and the first words out of her mouth were, "Are you guys from that church on 29th street? I've been meaning to call you. Do you have services I could come to?" and the next day was Sunday and she CAME! We went to meet her in the morning and she was dressed and ready when we got there! 
2. We met this lady who is AMAZING the last few minutes we had to proselyte Sunday night. We went out to find one more person to talk to, and the first house we knocked on we met June! She LOVES Mormons, LOVES genealogy, has family that came across on the plains and has a bunch of ollld, beautiful Book of Mormons already. Also has a bunch of Mormon friends she's loved over the years. The only thing she's missing is baptism. But on December 19th, she's committed to fix that! Holy guacamole, where do these people come from??? 
Anyway, it was a wonderful, WONDERFUL week! So many miracles have been abounding. 
Have a happy December everyone! 
Love you! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Tali in Kansas! Last time I'll see her single!

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