Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, November 9, 2015

weddings, baptisms, funerals, training meetings....

Wow ... it's been a FABULOUS WEEK! 
Tons of miracles have been abounding, especially considering the fact that it was MLC week again, and if you have been reading my emails the last five months, you'll know how that goes. 
Basically we spent the bulk of our week in meetings with zone leaders to coordinate for MLC, in MLC, in meetings with the zone leaders to plan zone trainings, or actually at zone trainings. 
In the meantime, miracles fell from the sky in any of the tiny bits of time we did have. 
We also had a stake youth activity where they went on team ups with the missionaries and Rachel came with us, and she was amazing! Since we are in a trio, we were able to do splits, and during the hour she and Sister Houston were together, they found a new investigator and taught two lessons to investigators with a member present. Meanwhile, Sister Mertens and I talked to a bunch of cool new people. 
One of the people that they found on that team up was named Bianca. She is INCREDIBLE. We went back for our return appointment, and her, her boyfriend TJ, and TJ's mom all sat in and talked with us. They said that they knew this was the will of God and TJ said that he actually had grown up with some amazing Mormons (he actually said Normans, but who's listening that close?) and that they were some of the best people he knew. Turns out that now they're in the NFL. He texted them and was like, "Man, they're gonna be so excited that you're here teaching us!" and we asked them about baptism and all three of them were SO excited. 
His mom giggled and said, "You can have a baptism and then a wedding that evening!" and we laughed and explained that they would have to be living the law of chastity before baptism, and so TJ said, "Ok, how about a wedding and then the baptism?"
AHHHHH what a prepared group of humans! The spirit was so strong and we cannot WAIT to throw a wedding and then have a baptismal service. 
In other news, our investigator Nikki who used to do this fun thing where she didn't progress, is now PROGRESSING SO WELL. She has almost entirely quit smoking, and it was quite an addiction. She wants to be baptized so badly. 
Haha ... annnyway. Aside from weddings and baptisms and cigarette snatching, it's been an intensely busy week. I LOVE busy weeks when getting into bed is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as waking up the next morning to go again. Yeesh, that sounded cheesier than I'd intended. 
Anyway, on one very devastating note, my recent convert Jean passed away this week, which was really difficult. I have the honor of going back to Hutch to speak at her funeral, though, so I'm grateful for that opportunity. Luckily, right after I found out, the zone leaders zipped over and gave me such a powerful blessing. It was so inspired, and left me thankful for the priesthood in my life. 
Anyway, hope everyone has a great week! Invite a friend to church! 
No, seriously. Do it. 
Sister Gomez

Chalk doodle I made while trying to stay on task coordinating

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