Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas week !

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY OWEN!!! I can't believe you're five. That is craziness! Hope you have a wonderful time and love all of your presents. 
So hello everybody! 
Can you believe Christmas is over? I can't. It was a typical, miraculous, Christmas week, though, so that's grand. 
First of all, we had our wonderful Christmas zone conference/ugly Christmas sweater party. I'll include the photos from that. WE TOOK FIRST PLACE! Well, me, my companion and the elders down here. It was awesome. 
Second of all, I got to see my adorable family! You guys all look so great! I love you to pieces. 
Also, later on in the week I got to go on exchanges back to my old area, Maize, with my dear last companion, Sister Houston. We had a blast. Minus her having to go to the doctors and then the car getting a nail in both back tires. 
Some MIRACULOUS people. 
First of all, Sherry! She is progressing so beautifully! She wasn't able to come to church, unfortunately, because it was cancelled, so she has to wait a week for baptism. She is so chill and ready, though, so she was a little sad but all right with it. 
Then this other amazing lady we met! We were trying the apartment of one of our less actives on Christmas and her friend, Anita was the only one home. At first she said she didn't believe in whatever it was that us Mormons believed in, but we taught her the restoration, she felt something and is now preparing for baptism as well on the sixteenth. The cool thing is is that Carol (her less active friend) is getting so excited about the gospel now that her best friend is interested. They're working together to quit smoking, come to church, etc. 
It's been CRAZY and WONDERFUL and I wouldn't trade this area for anything. 
I have loved this time of year. I love love LOVE the fact that more than any other time, pictures/statues/images/conversations of Christ and his miraculous birth are abounding. I was thinking the other day about the angel appearing to the shepherds - just them. No one else but humble shepherd's got to hear the angelic good news of the birth of the Savior of the world. I want to be a shepherd! Humble and willing to seek and obey whenever I am led closer to the Savior! I love Him - He's my very best friend in all the world, and I'm so grateful to serve him every day! 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Ugly sweater winners... We and the two elders on the left are in the ark
city branch.

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