Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, April 18, 2016

In three heel clicks !!!

Well .... 
I'll see y'all in three heel clicks. 
Love ya! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Cute kids we ate farewell lunch with. This has been happening to more
and more of my socks lately. Annnnnd a lady named Dorothy ... I
finally found my Dorothy in Kansas and we helped her plant begonias.
That's her gorgeous patio. Also here is a photo of my last missionary
emailing in a library session *tears

Monday, April 11, 2016

Every second left....

Hello everyone! 
So let's get this all straight...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE this week, haha. Hope it's awesome. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLOS!!! I love you, you're so grand. 
Annnnd .... that's just about it. 
Oh amigos y familia. I have so little motivation to write glorious weekly emails. I have SO MUCH MOTIVATION to go and testify of Christ. Like ... every second I've got left in this beautiful place. 
Here is a great and shining miracle for you .... 
JEREMIAH GOT CONFIRMED. He's for real, now. 
This week has been perfect. The weather has been divine. Souls are on their way to salvation. Kansas is just as sweet as ever. 
I will say this, 
THE LORD LIVES. He knows what we need. Two and a half years ago, a mission wasn't even on the radar for me. I was so unhappy and so ungrateful and so displeased to be where I was at in life. He just about whacked me with a 2 by 4 telling me I needed to go on a mission and I was so upset. I never wanted to go. And then I decided to go, and after a long little bit, I finally got to go and I was pretty excited but also TERRIFIED and didn't think I was up to something like that, and then I got here. And up there with my family and eternal life, this mission has been just about the best gift He's ever given me. 
Love you! Chat with my mama and get the deets on when I'll be home and what not because I wanna see you all! Chat with you next week! 
Sister Gomez

Me and the cutest man alive named Larry, bottle feeding a calf
(because ... Kansas), accidental matching, and some pals.

Displaying image1.JPG
Displaying image1.JPG

Monday, April 4, 2016

Short shout outs

Well we can't forget our shout outs! April's always pretty shout out heavy, so if I forget you, it's not for lack of love :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! .... I'm not sure how old you are, but you still seem young to me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLOS .... next week? I don't even know anymore. Oh yeah. Next Tuesday. So if I forget then, here you go.
Also .... I'm registering for classes today, you'll see me in two and a half weeks, and I feel like I'm so redundant in these. Just know it was a glorious week and ...
JEREMIAH WAS BAPTIZED!!! Only half way though. As we heard in conference, he is yet like a sack of sand until he's confirmed on Sunday. hahaha. Can't wait :)
Also, conference. Wow. Glorious. Waita be validated Steve :)
Love ya!
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nice try Satan....

Ok so .... I have some CUH-RAZY stories for y'all. 
First of all, I'm actually coming home this week. APRIL FOOL'S. Ha. Annnyway,
Remember last week when I told you about our gnarly car accident Sunday afternoon? Yeah well, the very day after I wrote that to you, we were driving our brand new 2016 car around and got T-BONED. We were in an intersection and another car just ... didn't stop and drove right into us. Both cars (both mission cars - not the other cars.) totaled. Fifteen minutes before a super important appointment with the boys preparing for baptism! 
So .... Sister Gillespie's door was too crushed in to open, so she climbed in through my door after we called the cops, called the mission and did all that, we rushed to our appointment, went over the baptismal interview questions with the boys, ran to a member's house and filled out our second incident report in three days. 
So THEN we were in doctor's offices (nothing major, esta bien), on the phone with a whole bunch of insurance people, ("Yes, this is Sister Gomez .... uh, yes, I was in an incident. Which one are you referring to?") and madly working with these three adorable, crazy, wonderful boys to be baptized on Easter! (All the while pointing dramatically at every vehicle that came near our THIRD car of the week and saying, "Don't hit my car, don't hit my car, don't hit my car!") and figuring out a baptismal interview for them with our district leader who came down from Derby (45 minutes away.) 
Ha ha ha .... what a life. And THEN Saturday night at 8:50 (ten minutes before we go inside) we got a text from Tosha, the boys' mom saying that she didn't want anything to do with us anymore and that they, in fact, were not getting baptized. 
Talk about a blow that's worse than a car! Sheeesh, people. And THEN my companion got bit by a dog. (we call that the cherry on top.) 
But guess what is just awesome. None of that actually matters, because Sherry, who was super solid for baptism in January and then dropped off the face of the Earth? Yeah, that lady came to the women's broadcast Saturday night, and then her and her son came to church the next day. Jeremiah, who turned eight this month and is now getting baptized this Saturday between conference sessions. And his mom is getting baptized the next weekend. HALLELUJAH!!! 
Nice try, Satan. Better luck next time. 
Trials of faith proceed the witness. That is for sure :) And even though this is already tooooo long, I'm still gonna tell you one more neat thing that happened this week. I was asked to be on a panel of six missionaries at zone training that President Bell had the other missionaries ask questions. One missionary asked me how I took trials and was able to laugh and stay positive about them and another asked me how I was able to come to the point that my mission and this work truly meant everything to me. I laughed and said that cars could hit me left as right as long as I got to stay a missionary in Kansas for another few weeks and I wouldn't even care. Because I am the luckiest person ALIVE to be here. To have had the mission I've had, met the people I've met and to be some tiny part of this great work that I LOVE. For the Savior that I love more than ANYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. 
Anyway, so yep :) It's been a glorious week. Lots of laughing. And head scratching. And now President affectionately calls us the "Demolition Derby." Hehe :) 
Love you guys!
Sister Siera Gomez 

Monday, March 21, 2016

A baptism scheduled for Easter Sunday :)

So much to update and so little time! 
First of all, a couple of weeks belated, happy first year of existence to my sweet niece Lucy!!! I love you to pieces ... can't wait to meet you :) 
Second of all, what a weeek it has been! Some miracles...
1. Long story. Once upon a time in January, we met this family street contacting. They gave us their address and we tried them a few times, but their house appeared empty every time we went. There wasn't even furniture or anything! So we stopped trying them a few months ago. Then, one day, I had an impression to try our investigator Ticia even though she had moved. It made no sense, but we went to her old house anyway (that happens to be directly across the street from this random family we'd met months before) and we noticed there were some lights on. We went over and contacted Tasha, Ernest, and their three sons plus one nephew. Kayden (11), Tyler (11), Mathew (10) and Jay (9) are all preparing to be baptized EASTER SUNDAY. Um ... wow. Miraculous. 
2. So Erin and Sherry are two ladies I've mentioned a few times and both are preparing to be baptized on April second. They have just about the hardest time getting to church, but I adore them both. Two of my best friends I've met. Well, Erin has this little niece, Lennon (3) who had never heard the name of Jesus, and we taught her about Him and now she sings "I am a child of God" for her whole family and ALL OF THEM want to get baptized on the second of April. So ... that's so exciting. 
3. We got in a car accident and the girl that hit us has a return appointment this Thursday at seven ... at a coffee shop (Cross that bridge when we come to it, haha). 
So yeah. Fabulous week. This place is gorgeous. 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez


Our car, some classic Kansas signs, and my hair that day I decided to
do ombré because my investigator had some extra bleach and I'm going
to chop it all off anyway :)
Some group shots of happy things. One group of some of the elders and
sisters I came out with after our last zone conference, and a picture
of me and some of the boys on our way to a church tour!
Me and a sister in my district celebrating st. Pattys day :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Long story very very short....

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!! And wear green e'erbody.
Long story very very short .... I love you all. And it was such A GOOD
WEEK. And l have no time at all .... At all. Because I'm singing in
zone conference and we had to practice all the day long. Miracles are
Love you!
Sister Siera Gomez

Rainbows, classic and semi scary Kansas signs and some other random
happy things especially that one picture of me, a bunny, Erin and a
little girl named Lennon

Monday, March 7, 2016

Nutsiest Week Ever

Folks. Nutsiest week ever. 
1. Called in and found out we'd be getting a third companion. 
2. Got a call from the Ap's Tuesday night at EIGHT asking if we could please come to Wichita and pick up our companion a day early, thanks. So we got there at 9:15, picked her up and got home at 11:00. 
3. Next day found out that we had to drive BACK to Wichita for her to sign papers. And because my DEAR mission president wanted me to be able to say goodbye to Sister Houston. Who, by the way, went home. 
4. Thursday we saw A TON OF MIRACLES and helped people understand why they needed to get baptized, I got my glasses adjusted, we settled in as our new trio (we absolutely ADORED each other, by the way) annnnd then Thursday night we got called and informed that there was going to be an ET and they were taking our dear sister away from us. Soooo 
5. Friday we weren't supposed to go to district meeting, but then the Ap's called us Friday morning and told us to go to district meeting after all (we had to leave in fifteen minutes) and so we went. And they told us we'd be getting a new sister.  
6. Saturday we drove to Greensburg (three hours away) and picked up a new companion, drove home, went to the adult session of stake conference. 
7. Sunday was the best day. Stake conference day. We hadn't had too much time that week to focus on church ... or on breathing ... or on thinking, so we drove Sunday morning to our investigators house and Jessica was all dressed for church, Chad was getting out of the shower, and they followed us for forty five minutes to the stake building in Derby and LOVED it and the branch all came up to them even though it was stake conference and wrapped their arms around them. 
SO that was a crazy miracle at the end of the week. Now we're kicking it together in Winfield, just me, Sister Gillespie and our new sister, Sister Seaman. 
BEST WEEK EVER. Nothing better than when there's craziness all week and INCREDIBLE things happen and you justknow that it wasn't your planning or your diligence or your awesomeness as a missionary that did it, but that only by the hand of God could these things happen. 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Our trio on our way back, plus a crown I stole from the zone leaders,
plus a picture of a really neat sign we found
saying goodbye to Sister Houston and saw my sweet recent convert Sabrina at stake conference

Monday, February 29, 2016

Roses are red, violets are blue...

It's transfer weeeek! 
Woop :) We are getting a third sister which is sooo exciting, and so the Kitchens (the housing people...) (yeah ... that pun, though) are coming to give us another bed! So .... basically I have no time to write out a beautiful email. Also ... it's finally hit. My lack of motivation to write weekly emails. I did pretty good up until this point, but today I'm like .... naaaah. Haha why write about miracles when I could go and SEE THEM??? Hahaha. 
Ok but for real though....
Events of this week!!!
1. I got real sick. I'm only telling you this because it's hilarious, but I had a raging fever (probs not that bad, I just got rather delirious) and I was puking and what not, but I didn't know what was going on. So I woke up and I thought I would be on the couch at home and I kept calling for mom and then I saw Sister Gillespie and I was like.... "Where am I Who is she?" and she called me Sister Gomez and I was like, "Who is she talking about?" and it was actually funny. Now that I'm writing it it's less funny and more pathetic .... darn. It only lasted a day though, so that was very good :) 
2. We met VERONA who is Dustin's mom and who is so ready to have peace and healing in her life. We talked about repentance and she loved it and is on date for March 19th. 
3. Bruce came to church and was so fabulous. He is so excited for HIS baptism on the 19th as well! President Rawson (our inspired stake president) came to the meeting that week and shared a marvelous story about how this one great guy on his mission quit smoking, which is what Bruce struggles with. Pooooower. 
The Lord loves you and so do I! He loves you more, but I try. 
Here's a poem...
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Invite someone to church this week. 
I dare you. 
Sister Siera Gomez

All of these are basically just zone photos ... Enjoy
If you're wondering about the abundance of peace signs, they're actually V's and W's for Winfield Vikings. That's the school here. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

The work here is exploding. EXPLODING.

Like ... crazy good. 
1. So first of all, we met this guy named Chad. It was late at night and he got out of his truck and we walked over. The usual, perfunctory missionary conversation happens. "So, have you ever met missionaries like us before?" His response? "No, but I've researched your church. I wanted to know if it was true."........ us, "So, what did you think?" he told us that there were a lot of naysayers, but he didn't listen to them, and that this must be a sign that it really was true. We told him about Joseph Smith and he was AWE STRUCK because of how well he related to him. We told him what the Book of Mormon was and he was just flipping through. Preparing to be baptized on the twelfth! 
2. DUSTIN GOT BAPTIZED. Yeah. Baptized. Two men carried him into the font and a third man said the prayer and helped him go over. It took two tries, but everyone watching was weeping. President and Sister Bell came and said it was one of the best baptismal services they'd ever been to. 
3. Sunday night, after Dustin's baptism, we all headed to Wichita (about an hour and a half away) for a mission president's devotional! It was the coolest thing, because FIVE RECENT CONVERTS FROM ARK CITY BRANCH (my branch, in case anyone forgot where I'm serving) got to share their testimonies. Micah, Anita and Dustin all shared from Winfield (my town) and then Stella and Lane both shared from Ark City (where the elders live.) (Sorry if that's confusing. Our branch covers two small towns. ok ... it probably wasn't that confusing. Whateva.) 
The work here is just .... exploding. EXPLODING. I am so happy to be here! 
I love you all! Thanks for who you are! For those in the Big Canyon ward, I heard about Bishop Gomez's inspired challenge. I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts about 2 Nephi 32! I can't wait to read and study it myself. The Savior lives! He walks with us. He's intricately working in each of our lives. 
Love you! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING TO INCLUDE: silly me I forgot about our other
fabulous miracle! Anita, Stella and lane all got to go to the Oklahoma
City temple on Saturday to do baptisms for the dead! This is a text
Anita sent when we asked if it went well. It's the longest text we've
ever received from her :) :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

incredible spirit of optimism

So some highlights ...
Duussstin! He came to the baptism and he has been progressing so well and is getting baptized this Saturday! He is just the greatest soul. He has had a lot of trials in his life, but he has an incredible spirit of optimism. My favorite Dustin moment happened earlier this week when he opened the Book of Mormon and said, 'yeah, I was reading straight through, but I stopped. I'd gotten to here..." and flipped to Alma 27. He loooves it! 
Let's see .... 
Elder Evans came to our mission and was just incredible. We had interviews with President Bell which were also incredible. I've learned a lot about how I need to change. 
Also, Anita hung up a picture of the temple on her wall so that she can maintain her vision :) 
Ok ... well ... hope you all had a great Valentine's day. There were so many other things that happened, but they're all running out of my brain at top speed ... so ... have a good week! I love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Pictures -  A sweet Laotian woman with her grand baby

Monday, February 8, 2016

A holiday to celebrate nothing but LOVE :)

Hello everyone! It's a blustery, beautiful day in dear old Kansas :)
It has been an AMAZING week!
First of all, on Tuesday, we got seven referrals from headquarter,
made five of them new investigators, and all five of them are on date
to be baptized.
Second of all, there is this man named Dustin who is just the
greatest. He can barely get around, because he is in a wheelchair and
has terrible health problems, but when we met him he said the only
reason he hadn't gotten baptized before is because his ride moved
away. So Sunday he was planning on coming to church as long as he felt
up to it. THEN his mom went into the ER Saturday night and he only got
three hours of sleep. HE STILL CAME. and shared his testimony. And is
getting baptized on the twentieth. Pooooower.
THEN on Sunday I walked into the foyer and was shocked and ecstatic to
see a girl we had met at the library two weeks before who we hadn't
seen since because she'd moved to another city. Well, now she's back
and she brought her fiancée and they're getting baptized on the fifth!
Their names are Anastasia and Adam. During the sacrament she kept
opening to the verse we had left her two weeks ago and sharing it with
her fiancée. Perfection.
Anyway, so those are a couple of highlights. Life is so happy. And
tomorrow we have interviews with President Bell!! How exciting!
Goodness do I love the Bells. And then on Friday David F. Evans, who
was the executive missionary director guy not too long ago is coming
and speaking to us. Happy Valentine's Day to us :) speaking of which,
I love a holiday to celebrate nothing but looooove! My favorite thing.
I have never felt it more for others, or from Christ for me in my
life. And that is the root of joy, I believe. I heard once that the
love of Christ means love like and love for Christ. Good stuff.
And on that note, I sure do love you all!
Sister Siera Gomez

Us with the stls and our zone leader Whitaker friend. You're probably pretty accustomed to his face by now since I've served with him for like .... Seven and a half months

This is a sign at our church with a pretty morbid edit that I had to share.

We went on exchanges with our dear stls and I got to go with Sister Houston. But this is us reunited. So happy :) and matching. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

The gate is open in Kansas!

I have two minutes before my session ends, so I'm going to try and bust this out! 
First of all, 
Sister Gillespie is so fun and so humble. I just adore her. 
Second of all, one of my favorite ladies, Stella, got baptized! I met her at the branch Christmas dinner of last year, and talked the whole time. Unfortunately, she lives in Ark City and we live in Winfield, so the elders taught her, but each time I've seen her she just cries and gives me a huge hug and it has just been wonderful to see her progress. I got to speak at the baptism which was weird, since normally we have the members do that, but she asked if I would and it was a privilege.  
Then we have Laura, who is just the neatest soul. She is really, REALLY passionate about Jesus. She asked if we could spare some of our time to go out and preach the word with her. Well, naturally, we told her we could. She has a lot of questions, but she met us at the church and then stayed through the baptism.  She definitely felt the spirit at the baptism and is now praying about being baptized on the twentieth of this month. 
Finally we have Jessica who is so great and finally came to church! It's been a long time coming. 
It's been a phenomenal week. Last month in Kansas 66 souls were baptized! That's just an amazing miracle for us and we are rejoicing! So many of our brothers and sisters have now opened the gate on the way to eternal life. 
God is good. 
Also, it's been like seventy degrees in Kansas. Miracles upon miracles :) 
Love you all! Have the best week of your life! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, January 25, 2016

She's been sick - but it certainly hasn't gotten her down!

Note from Siera's mom:  I'm posting this Siera baby picture because this is how I've pictured Siera all week in my mind. She's my baby  -- and she's been really sick, far away, and all I've been able to do for her is pray :(     Of course I hope and trust that all will be well with her...  and in the meantime, I will go on praying my guts out for her.  Cute little beebopper isn't she? 

Well it has been one heaven of a week! 
Three trips to the hospital, one trip to the doctor, five meetings and one daughter of God brought back into the fold later, it's pday again. Wowie wow. 
Well things are wonderful here! Poor Sister Gillespie came into the field with a terrible cold the same day that I got MY terrible cold. We thought it'd developed into bronchitis, hence one of the hospital trips (everything else was closed.) 
However, still the most memorable part of this week was ANITA KAYE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! What a woman! What a life! 
The day after her baptism, just after she was confirmed, we went over to see her and took a picture of the Oklahoma City temple, which she'll be attending in February to do baptisms. She said that before we knocked on her door she'd been praying for months for any kind of help, because she felt empty - like she'd lost all of her feelings. 
Now she can't stop smiling and she FEELS all the time. Such a miracle. Worth any price. 
Another sweet miracle happened Sunday afternoon. We stopped by to see Ticia, who has been doing so well. She's had a hard time accepting that she has to quit coffee to be baptized. Well, she has one of her friends, Joni, living there now, and so we talked to both of them. Joni first was like, "I've already been baptized," but then Ticia jumped in and was like, "No, you gotta listen to them. It's all about authority. A lot of people go to school or get paid but they don't actually have the authority like John the Baptist."  and Joni was like, "Really?" so we taught her the restoration and she LOVED it and wanted to get baptized. But then as we were talking about the word of wisdom, Ticia said again that she didn't think she could give up coffee, and this time Joni jumped in and was like, "Oh come on Ticia, you know we have to do this." after we had just met her. So basically they taught each other the lesson, invited each other for baptism, and are now getting baptized together Valentine's weekend. 
These people. It just doesn't get any better. 
Oh, and Sister Gillespie (Lil Gilly, affectionately) is just the greatest. Such a solid missionary, so willing to learn. So humble, hilarious and lovely. 
Love you all to pieces! 
Sister Siera Gomez