Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 25, 2016

She's been sick - but it certainly hasn't gotten her down!

Note from Siera's mom:  I'm posting this Siera baby picture because this is how I've pictured Siera all week in my mind. She's my baby  -- and she's been really sick, far away, and all I've been able to do for her is pray :(     Of course I hope and trust that all will be well with her...  and in the meantime, I will go on praying my guts out for her.  Cute little beebopper isn't she? 

Well it has been one heaven of a week! 
Three trips to the hospital, one trip to the doctor, five meetings and one daughter of God brought back into the fold later, it's pday again. Wowie wow. 
Well things are wonderful here! Poor Sister Gillespie came into the field with a terrible cold the same day that I got MY terrible cold. We thought it'd developed into bronchitis, hence one of the hospital trips (everything else was closed.) 
However, still the most memorable part of this week was ANITA KAYE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! What a woman! What a life! 
The day after her baptism, just after she was confirmed, we went over to see her and took a picture of the Oklahoma City temple, which she'll be attending in February to do baptisms. She said that before we knocked on her door she'd been praying for months for any kind of help, because she felt empty - like she'd lost all of her feelings. 
Now she can't stop smiling and she FEELS all the time. Such a miracle. Worth any price. 
Another sweet miracle happened Sunday afternoon. We stopped by to see Ticia, who has been doing so well. She's had a hard time accepting that she has to quit coffee to be baptized. Well, she has one of her friends, Joni, living there now, and so we talked to both of them. Joni first was like, "I've already been baptized," but then Ticia jumped in and was like, "No, you gotta listen to them. It's all about authority. A lot of people go to school or get paid but they don't actually have the authority like John the Baptist."  and Joni was like, "Really?" so we taught her the restoration and she LOVED it and wanted to get baptized. But then as we were talking about the word of wisdom, Ticia said again that she didn't think she could give up coffee, and this time Joni jumped in and was like, "Oh come on Ticia, you know we have to do this." after we had just met her. So basically they taught each other the lesson, invited each other for baptism, and are now getting baptized together Valentine's weekend. 
These people. It just doesn't get any better. 
Oh, and Sister Gillespie (Lil Gilly, affectionately) is just the greatest. Such a solid missionary, so willing to learn. So humble, hilarious and lovely. 
Love you all to pieces! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, January 18, 2016

Straight from Liberty Jail a message from Joseph Smith

Well hello there, people! 
It's been cuhrazy. So many things have happened. 
1. I'M GETTING A BABY!!! A baby. A new missionary. To train for two transfers. And then I will be home. *Begin screaming, kicking, resisting and freaking out.* (not about the baby, but about what happens two transfers from then.) 
2. ANITA UN-DROPPED US. We cleared up some misconceptions and she is so solid to get baptized THIS WEEKEND ... unfortunately, she thought she would be getting baptized on the thirtieth, so she had a glass of tea, but now she really wants to get baptized this weekend, but there are some things with living the word of wisdom and what not, so she may not be able to until next weekend. Prayers on her behalf much appreciated. 
In other news .... 
I can't even think of other news. In other news I have NO TIME TO EMAIL TODAY so I actually have to get off in five minutes. Yikes. 
Just know it's transfer week, so it's gonna be crazy, and I'm more excited than ever to give everything to Jesus Christ. 
Favorite scriptures about that? Doctrine and Covenants 123:13-17. Straight from Liberty Jail, I can only imagine the type of faith it would take for Joseph Smith to say words like, 
"Therefore that we should WASTE and WEAR OUT our lives" and "Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance to see the salvation of God and for his arm to be revealed."
Is there anything more lovely? I want to collapse into bed every night, I want to collapse into Christ's arms when this life is over because I've been so worn out in His service. 
So if you're always exhausted, and you can't hardly stand it anymore, just be grateful for the privilege to walk where Christ walked in some tiny way :) 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, January 11, 2016

You are now entering the mission field!

So it's been QUITE A WEEK!!!
First of all, happy belated birthday shout out to CHELSEA!!! I awkwardly counted my days wrong and thought your birthday would be this week. My bad. I still love you.
Second of all, happy birthday THIS week to JACKIE!!! You are gorgeous and wonderful and .... legal. Crazy.
We had a superb zone training and both the STL's and the zone leaders gave great trainings about Ama 32 and how we increase in our faith. Perfect. Especially because we experienced a mighty trial of faith when ANITA DROPPED US. Devastating. Fear not, we're working on that.
Anyway, so then TICIA CAME TO CHURCH! She is on date to be baptized on January thirtieth - her birthday. It was crazy, because our amazing stake president came that day and taught about what Elder Bednar had taught when he was here - praying as an agent instead of an object.
He was giving examples of changing our prayers into agent prayers and said, "For those of you meeting with missionaries right now. An object prayer is, 'please tell me if this is true.' and agent prayer is, 'please help me to know this is true, and I promise that when I know it is, I will be baptized.'"
Afterwards, she said she knew the talk was for her!
One other hilarious experience happened when we were talking to an investigator we found, Bruce. He served in the air force and saw a lot of traumatic things and now is looking for hope. Well, we were talking in a conference room in his apartment complex, and this guy Bill comes over. Well, turns out he had a lot to say to us. Some choice sentences, "Unless you stop fixing your salvation on the Book of Mormon and start fixing it on Jesus, the God-man, you're going straight to hell!" and, "All I can invite you to do is beg for forgiveness from your Almighty Father so that He won't send you down to the lake of brimstone!" and even, "You can smile and wave at me now, but five seconds after you die, you're going to have a mighty reality check and be thrust down to burn in hell!" and "If I see you talking to anyone else in this complex, I'm going to come and do exactly what I just did again! Bruce has spiritual needs and I need to make sure he doesn't go down this wrong path!"
Anyway, he finally left (half an hour later) and Bruce could only apologize. And then he said he didn't know the Book of Mormon was a record from the Americas, thought it sounded really cool, and is now preparing to be baptized on the thirtieth of January as well :)  
God is good!
Anyway, love you all! Have a fabulous week!
Sister Siera Gomez

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Book of Normans haha

Hello everyone! 
Second of all, I'm going to try to keep this speedy quick! 
My most important updates are about Carol and Anita ... some background. 
Carol is this beautiful woman who hadn't been to church in many years. Then we went and contacted her and she came to church the next week. 
We went back again for another visit and met Anita, who at first didn't seem at all interested in our message. We went back one more time to see Carol, but Carol was gone and Anita was house sitting for her. 
We shared a message with her and asked her about the Book of Mormon. She said, "I don't believe the Normans." (No idea what it is about Kansas and the Book of Normans, but I probably hear that more than I do the real title.) 
Anyway, we taught her the restoration and she felt the spirit so strongly and believed that it was true. We invited her to a baptismal date, the sixteenth, and she accepted. 
That was last week. Since then, her and Carol have quit smoking (she's been smoking since she was eight and now she's fifty eight) and came to a church tour and to church. She is also SO EXCITED for her baptism. 
Meanwhile, Carol has been coming to church as well. And we were talking about the temple, and now both of their goals are the temple. Anita wants to get baptized to get to the temple, and Carol volunteered herself to start paying tithing with the tiny bit of money she does have to get to the temple. She said, "If tithing means that I can get to the temple and even help build more temples, then I'm going to tithe. It's the least I can do." 
THEN both of them thought of friends they have who need the gospel and we are now working with them! How lovely :) 
A few lessons that have been driven home by all this sweetness ...
1. Don't you ever EVER give up on anyone. 
2. The gospel fire is contagious, and its effects are far reaching and eternal. 
3. There are always people around us who need us and need the Savior. It's interesting how to Carol, who hadn't had the gospel in her life for years, it was so simple to share something with her friends and neighbors that was bringing her joy and changing her life for the better. But then for so many of us who have had it all our lives, we make it a complicated, careful, scary matter of political correctness and proper timing to share with those around us the most important thing in our lives! I've been guilty of that way too many times!
Anyway, it's been a glorious beginning to a glorious new year :) good luck with those resolutions and what nots! 
Love you!
Sister Siera Gomez 

These photos don't do it justice, but we went off roading one day on a
quest for some far off less actives and we found the only green field
left in Kansas. And oh was it breathtaking.