Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, January 25, 2016

She's been sick - but it certainly hasn't gotten her down!

Note from Siera's mom:  I'm posting this Siera baby picture because this is how I've pictured Siera all week in my mind. She's my baby  -- and she's been really sick, far away, and all I've been able to do for her is pray :(     Of course I hope and trust that all will be well with her...  and in the meantime, I will go on praying my guts out for her.  Cute little beebopper isn't she? 

Well it has been one heaven of a week! 
Three trips to the hospital, one trip to the doctor, five meetings and one daughter of God brought back into the fold later, it's pday again. Wowie wow. 
Well things are wonderful here! Poor Sister Gillespie came into the field with a terrible cold the same day that I got MY terrible cold. We thought it'd developed into bronchitis, hence one of the hospital trips (everything else was closed.) 
However, still the most memorable part of this week was ANITA KAYE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! What a woman! What a life! 
The day after her baptism, just after she was confirmed, we went over to see her and took a picture of the Oklahoma City temple, which she'll be attending in February to do baptisms. She said that before we knocked on her door she'd been praying for months for any kind of help, because she felt empty - like she'd lost all of her feelings. 
Now she can't stop smiling and she FEELS all the time. Such a miracle. Worth any price. 
Another sweet miracle happened Sunday afternoon. We stopped by to see Ticia, who has been doing so well. She's had a hard time accepting that she has to quit coffee to be baptized. Well, she has one of her friends, Joni, living there now, and so we talked to both of them. Joni first was like, "I've already been baptized," but then Ticia jumped in and was like, "No, you gotta listen to them. It's all about authority. A lot of people go to school or get paid but they don't actually have the authority like John the Baptist."  and Joni was like, "Really?" so we taught her the restoration and she LOVED it and wanted to get baptized. But then as we were talking about the word of wisdom, Ticia said again that she didn't think she could give up coffee, and this time Joni jumped in and was like, "Oh come on Ticia, you know we have to do this." after we had just met her. So basically they taught each other the lesson, invited each other for baptism, and are now getting baptized together Valentine's weekend. 
These people. It just doesn't get any better. 
Oh, and Sister Gillespie (Lil Gilly, affectionately) is just the greatest. Such a solid missionary, so willing to learn. So humble, hilarious and lovely. 
Love you all to pieces! 
Sister Siera Gomez

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