Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, February 8, 2016

A holiday to celebrate nothing but LOVE :)

Hello everyone! It's a blustery, beautiful day in dear old Kansas :)
It has been an AMAZING week!
First of all, on Tuesday, we got seven referrals from headquarter,
made five of them new investigators, and all five of them are on date
to be baptized.
Second of all, there is this man named Dustin who is just the
greatest. He can barely get around, because he is in a wheelchair and
has terrible health problems, but when we met him he said the only
reason he hadn't gotten baptized before is because his ride moved
away. So Sunday he was planning on coming to church as long as he felt
up to it. THEN his mom went into the ER Saturday night and he only got
three hours of sleep. HE STILL CAME. and shared his testimony. And is
getting baptized on the twentieth. Pooooower.
THEN on Sunday I walked into the foyer and was shocked and ecstatic to
see a girl we had met at the library two weeks before who we hadn't
seen since because she'd moved to another city. Well, now she's back
and she brought her fiancée and they're getting baptized on the fifth!
Their names are Anastasia and Adam. During the sacrament she kept
opening to the verse we had left her two weeks ago and sharing it with
her fiancée. Perfection.
Anyway, so those are a couple of highlights. Life is so happy. And
tomorrow we have interviews with President Bell!! How exciting!
Goodness do I love the Bells. And then on Friday David F. Evans, who
was the executive missionary director guy not too long ago is coming
and speaking to us. Happy Valentine's Day to us :) speaking of which,
I love a holiday to celebrate nothing but looooove! My favorite thing.
I have never felt it more for others, or from Christ for me in my
life. And that is the root of joy, I believe. I heard once that the
love of Christ means love like and love for Christ. Good stuff.
And on that note, I sure do love you all!
Sister Siera Gomez

Us with the stls and our zone leader Whitaker friend. You're probably pretty accustomed to his face by now since I've served with him for like .... Seven and a half months

This is a sign at our church with a pretty morbid edit that I had to share.

We went on exchanges with our dear stls and I got to go with Sister Houston. But this is us reunited. So happy :) and matching. 

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