Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, March 21, 2016

A baptism scheduled for Easter Sunday :)

So much to update and so little time! 
First of all, a couple of weeks belated, happy first year of existence to my sweet niece Lucy!!! I love you to pieces ... can't wait to meet you :) 
Second of all, what a weeek it has been! Some miracles...
1. Long story. Once upon a time in January, we met this family street contacting. They gave us their address and we tried them a few times, but their house appeared empty every time we went. There wasn't even furniture or anything! So we stopped trying them a few months ago. Then, one day, I had an impression to try our investigator Ticia even though she had moved. It made no sense, but we went to her old house anyway (that happens to be directly across the street from this random family we'd met months before) and we noticed there were some lights on. We went over and contacted Tasha, Ernest, and their three sons plus one nephew. Kayden (11), Tyler (11), Mathew (10) and Jay (9) are all preparing to be baptized EASTER SUNDAY. Um ... wow. Miraculous. 
2. So Erin and Sherry are two ladies I've mentioned a few times and both are preparing to be baptized on April second. They have just about the hardest time getting to church, but I adore them both. Two of my best friends I've met. Well, Erin has this little niece, Lennon (3) who had never heard the name of Jesus, and we taught her about Him and now she sings "I am a child of God" for her whole family and ALL OF THEM want to get baptized on the second of April. So ... that's so exciting. 
3. We got in a car accident and the girl that hit us has a return appointment this Thursday at seven ... at a coffee shop (Cross that bridge when we come to it, haha). 
So yeah. Fabulous week. This place is gorgeous. 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez


Our car, some classic Kansas signs, and my hair that day I decided to
do ombré because my investigator had some extra bleach and I'm going
to chop it all off anyway :)
Some group shots of happy things. One group of some of the elders and
sisters I came out with after our last zone conference, and a picture
of me and some of the boys on our way to a church tour!
Me and a sister in my district celebrating st. Pattys day :)

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