Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, March 7, 2016

Nutsiest Week Ever

Folks. Nutsiest week ever. 
1. Called in and found out we'd be getting a third companion. 
2. Got a call from the Ap's Tuesday night at EIGHT asking if we could please come to Wichita and pick up our companion a day early, thanks. So we got there at 9:15, picked her up and got home at 11:00. 
3. Next day found out that we had to drive BACK to Wichita for her to sign papers. And because my DEAR mission president wanted me to be able to say goodbye to Sister Houston. Who, by the way, went home. 
4. Thursday we saw A TON OF MIRACLES and helped people understand why they needed to get baptized, I got my glasses adjusted, we settled in as our new trio (we absolutely ADORED each other, by the way) annnnd then Thursday night we got called and informed that there was going to be an ET and they were taking our dear sister away from us. Soooo 
5. Friday we weren't supposed to go to district meeting, but then the Ap's called us Friday morning and told us to go to district meeting after all (we had to leave in fifteen minutes) and so we went. And they told us we'd be getting a new sister.  
6. Saturday we drove to Greensburg (three hours away) and picked up a new companion, drove home, went to the adult session of stake conference. 
7. Sunday was the best day. Stake conference day. We hadn't had too much time that week to focus on church ... or on breathing ... or on thinking, so we drove Sunday morning to our investigators house and Jessica was all dressed for church, Chad was getting out of the shower, and they followed us for forty five minutes to the stake building in Derby and LOVED it and the branch all came up to them even though it was stake conference and wrapped their arms around them. 
SO that was a crazy miracle at the end of the week. Now we're kicking it together in Winfield, just me, Sister Gillespie and our new sister, Sister Seaman. 
BEST WEEK EVER. Nothing better than when there's craziness all week and INCREDIBLE things happen and you justknow that it wasn't your planning or your diligence or your awesomeness as a missionary that did it, but that only by the hand of God could these things happen. 
Love you all! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Our trio on our way back, plus a crown I stole from the zone leaders,
plus a picture of a really neat sign we found
saying goodbye to Sister Houston and saw my sweet recent convert Sabrina at stake conference

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