Sister Gomez

Sister Gomez

Monday, April 18, 2016

In three heel clicks !!!

Well .... 
I'll see y'all in three heel clicks. 
Love ya! 
Sister Siera Gomez 

Cute kids we ate farewell lunch with. This has been happening to more
and more of my socks lately. Annnnnd a lady named Dorothy ... I
finally found my Dorothy in Kansas and we helped her plant begonias.
That's her gorgeous patio. Also here is a photo of my last missionary
emailing in a library session *tears

Monday, April 11, 2016

Every second left....

Hello everyone! 
So let's get this all straight...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE this week, haha. Hope it's awesome. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLOS!!! I love you, you're so grand. 
Annnnd .... that's just about it. 
Oh amigos y familia. I have so little motivation to write glorious weekly emails. I have SO MUCH MOTIVATION to go and testify of Christ. Like ... every second I've got left in this beautiful place. 
Here is a great and shining miracle for you .... 
JEREMIAH GOT CONFIRMED. He's for real, now. 
This week has been perfect. The weather has been divine. Souls are on their way to salvation. Kansas is just as sweet as ever. 
I will say this, 
THE LORD LIVES. He knows what we need. Two and a half years ago, a mission wasn't even on the radar for me. I was so unhappy and so ungrateful and so displeased to be where I was at in life. He just about whacked me with a 2 by 4 telling me I needed to go on a mission and I was so upset. I never wanted to go. And then I decided to go, and after a long little bit, I finally got to go and I was pretty excited but also TERRIFIED and didn't think I was up to something like that, and then I got here. And up there with my family and eternal life, this mission has been just about the best gift He's ever given me. 
Love you! Chat with my mama and get the deets on when I'll be home and what not because I wanna see you all! Chat with you next week! 
Sister Gomez

Me and the cutest man alive named Larry, bottle feeding a calf
(because ... Kansas), accidental matching, and some pals.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Short shout outs

Well we can't forget our shout outs! April's always pretty shout out heavy, so if I forget you, it's not for lack of love :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! .... I'm not sure how old you are, but you still seem young to me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLOS .... next week? I don't even know anymore. Oh yeah. Next Tuesday. So if I forget then, here you go.
Also .... I'm registering for classes today, you'll see me in two and a half weeks, and I feel like I'm so redundant in these. Just know it was a glorious week and ...
JEREMIAH WAS BAPTIZED!!! Only half way though. As we heard in conference, he is yet like a sack of sand until he's confirmed on Sunday. hahaha. Can't wait :)
Also, conference. Wow. Glorious. Waita be validated Steve :)
Love ya!
Sister Siera Gomez